Episode 105: Older On The Outside!!

It is not very much fun getting older

My waist seems to have disappeared

My face is all wrinkled and crinkled

And I appear to be growing a beard!!!

My hair that was once lush and golden

Now thin with a smattering of grey

My boobs that used to be perky

Getting droopier, more every day

My legs are looking like tree trunks

My bum is no longer pert

My knees are squeaky and creaky

If I run, I know it will hurt!

But I know I ought to be grateful

As some of these flaws I can hide

Cause although I appear to be ancient

I am still just a teenager inside!

14 thoughts on “Episode 105: Older On The Outside!!

  1. LOL… You and me both, and I’m older than you. Thank goodness for hair dye , kaftans and make- up, I say … Otherwise I’d scare people

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