Episode 183: Once Bitten….

Oh how I want to stop scratching

This itching is driving me mad

There are bites all over my body

And they are starting to look rather bad!

My ankle is already swollen

The skin is so tender and tight

I don’t know when all of this started

But it is looking horrendous tonight

My body is lumpy and bumpy

Where I have been bitten to bits

The cream I put on has done nothing

This scratching is really the pits!

My nails are continuously raking

And opening the scab up again

There is this continuing cycle

A mixture of pleasure and pain!

I am getting fed up of this torture

Without any sign of reprise

If this carries on for much longer

I will get myself treated for fleas!

16 thoughts on “Episode 183: Once Bitten….

      1. I’m a terrible it her anyway, my skin gets so dry, then I have an issue with chocolate…. I think I. Slightly sensitive to it, but I can’t stop eating it, and I know if I’ve overdone it… I spend the evening fighting the urge to itch!!!

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