Episode 247: Feeling Fantastic at Fifty!

After reading a post today on Inventing Real Life about whether or not a woman is ‘invisible’ once they get to the age of fifty, it got me to thinking….

I am less than a year away from the big five-o myself (sob), and I am already having mixed feelings about it. Originally I thought how lovely it would be to have a big party to celebrate the occasion. It would be a great excuse for a get-together and some cheesy music to get everyone up and dancing,

Despite my two left feet, a bit of 80s music will have me heading for the dance floor and strutting my stuff, especially if there is mostly only family there to witness my humiliating ‘moves’! This is where it comes in handy having such a large clan, it is not that difficult to fill up a function room!

Another possibility is doing a one-off event, such as a skydive, or perhaps a bungee jump, or even a hot air balloon ride This is all well and good providing you are not the biggest coward around , who can barely stand on a chair without getting dizzy at the height off the floor! No, I am a huge fail in the thrill-seeker department (well at least this kind of thrill seeking)!

Once I have decided how to actually mark the occasion, I wonder what happens then? Will I fade into obscurity? Be too old and past it for anyone to bother with any more? Left on the scrap heap, destined to be humoured as that ‘mad old aunty’ that everyone gives a wide berth to at functions! The nutter with the whiskery chin (no point in bothering with keeping myself nice anymore) and the garish clothes?

Not bloody likely! I spent a lot of time in my youth where I was so quiet and shy that I faded into the background (mostly by my own choice I admit). I was the wilting wallflower at parties, head drooped trying not to draw attention to myself. The awkward, jerky, tongue-tied girl, then young woman, blushing if anyone talked to me, or looked my way. The constant loner standing out like a sore thumb at clubs, as everyone else had gone off to dance,and being self-conscious, I would hang around trying to look invisible as I didn’t want anyone to think I was waiting to be ‘picked up!’

Anyway, I have decided that I am going to try to turn over a new leaf once I get to my fifties. I am tired of being a non-entity, the forgotten face in the crowd, the recipient of the “oh, we’ve never met” comment, despite being introduced a few weeks previously. I am going to break out of that shell that has encased me for the last fifty years and Sod what anyone thinks!

Rather than disappear, I am going to stand out in my fifties. the new confident me. So what if I still trip over everything, put my foot in it, and show myself up! That is always going to be part of who I am, so rather than cringe and try hiding away, I will endeavour to shrug my shoulders, dust myself down and laugh it all off! I am going to be fabulous at fifty!

68 thoughts on “Episode 247: Feeling Fantastic at Fifty!

  1. There are a great many F words I could use to describe fifty. Here are just ten to give you food (hey an F word) for thought: Flirty, fabulous, fun, fantastic, flighty, fluid, fair, foxy, funky, and flexible. All good, as is 50! Enjoy


  2. My father died the day after my 40th birthday, so as all other landmarks (18th, 21st, 30th) had been a bit of a bad lot too, I was a little anxious about turning 50. It was actually OK, and now I am just three months away from turning 60!

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  3. You look FANTASTIC! 50 was when I started to really set my mind to writing – – it was a “now or never” type attitude and it got me into Huffington Post. I think the emotional confidence we gain is worth a little “beauty” tradeoff. But I also think if we didn’t keep such careful track of birthdays, our physical selves wouldn’t know when to age. Care to try fooling our bodies together? Throw out all the candles!

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    1. Yes, I agree with you there Steph…no more keeping track of birthdays! I think once you reach 50 it seems you are more comfortable with who you are, and therefore more confident! I think you are an inspiration for being fab at 50! 🙂


  4. For me fifty was much easier than forty. At forty, I felt I had lost my youth By the time I turned fifty, it didn’t matter. The alternative to not having a birthday is much worse. LOL
    I think you have a great attitude and you will love being fifty. Maybe all those women in purple hats are on the right track. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I have to say I was a bit down when I reached 40, but am determined to try and be positive about reaching 50. I have had lots of positive comments as well from lovely people such as yourself which makes it all seem less scary!


  5. An inspiring read Edwina, great attitude. I’ve past 60 and still enjoying my life! Aging never scared me. I only lied about my age once. I said I was older than I was before turning 40. Where I worked got people good at 40, so the lie got me out of the huge workplace campaign! No one ever thinks that women would lie about being older than they are. Made for a fun story. I was never caught in the lie til I turned 42!

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  6. As several others have already said it’s just a number but as you hurtle towards it, it can look scarey! That said I’ve jumped the hurdle and life is good.

    I also have no head for height but I did a parachute jump a few years back and loved it!

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  7. It is never too late enjoy reaching 50 this year i will turn 60. Not quite sure how it happened so quickly but my thought is just a number and i can use age as an excuse. In a good way of course. Plus you get seniors discount ! Hope u have a great 50th.

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  8. That is exactly the way you should think about it. There is a freedom in turning fifty. When I was younger I had a friend who turned fifty (I thought she was sooo old) and she said to me, “Honey, when you turn fifty, buy yourself a red dress and be proud.”

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      1. Ahah well maybe not then! When we went that was when my sister realised she had vertigo so she didn’t really enjoy it too much…

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  9. For my big day, my adult daughters took me out to dinner at my favorite joint and then to a speakeasy! You had to go into a payphone and give the secret code to get in. Once inside, the cocktails were all retro and wonderful. It was the first time in a while that I got to bed that late and it was pretty cool to get to hang out with my girls.

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  10. I will turn 62 this year (how did that happen??), and I distinctly remember waking up the morning of my 60th birthday, and thinking how much better my life was at 60 than at 30. Age is only a number, right?!

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  11. You’re fabulous at forty, girl! What are you talking about? And I’m sure you will be at 50, too. You’re exactly right—it’s ALL about attitude. I found this quote the other day that spoke to me, and I thought I would share it: “Falling down is part of life.– Getting back up is living.” It’s time to hit the dance floor. After all, I think there’s a disco ball and some Madonna tunes calling your name! 😉 xo

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  12. 50, hairy chin or not, somehow I can’t imagine you fading into the background. As I’ve had 2 yrs to reflect on what it’s like to be 50, let me tell you it’s good and we start to care less what other people think, even those cringe-worthy dodgy moves.

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