Episode 257: Wow 400 Followers!

I am so pleased to have just reached 400 followers! I am beyond thrilled and have written a little poem to say thanks to you all

I really am so grateful

I am thrilled to share my news

That my blog is getting popular

And I’m getting lots more views!

Now, it is still only a youngster

And also very small

But to have 400 followers

Makes me feel 10 feet tall!

Since I started in September

I have met so many folks

I’ve read so many stories

And laughed at loads of jokes

Thank you all for reading

All my stories and my odes

I appreciate your kindness

Love, Edwina’s Episodes!

45 thoughts on “Episode 257: Wow 400 Followers!

  1. That is just such wonderful news that I had to sneak away from packing the car and getting the kids ready, to congratulate you! Well done! May you get 100 more this month. And lovely poem, too! 😀 And now I better be off! See you when I get back. By then you’ll have loads more followers for sure!

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