Episode 260: Is That 20 inch Waist Real? Corset is!

One of the problems that I have with my figure is my waist (or lack of). Apart from the healthy eating regime I am trying to stick to, I have also taken up hula-hooping (thanks to my blogging pal Ritu), in the hope that I might be able to whittle my waist into some sort of shape.

A young woman from Venezuela however, had trained her waist down to a mere 20 inches! She has done this by wearing a corset for 23 hours a day, over the last six years. Apparently, although it was uncomfortable to begin with, she now loves the feel of the ‘pressure’ at her waist, and has no trouble sleeping in it!

She has had a few bit of plastic surgery as well to …ahem… enhance some of her other assets, and a bit of liposuction in her thighs, but the waist cinching is down to the corset and also eating healthily and exercise.

She is very proud of her hourglass shape and loves the attention that it brings her wherever she goes. In fact she would like to become famous because of her figure. and despite doctors warning her that this extreme corset wearing could damage her body in later life, is determined to keep wearing it.

I have to say, as much as I would love a waist, I think this woman looks a little unusual having such a small waist in comparison to the rest of her.

Do you think she is sexy or scary?

24 thoughts on “Episode 260: Is That 20 inch Waist Real? Corset is!

  1. I read about her last night… Why???!!!
    Oh and weird… I looked at something and noticed that somehow I had unfollowed you… Well I didn’t do it!!!! That’s weird! I have refollowed you now!!!

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    1. I noticed that you had started following me yesterday, then thought to myself that you already were ! Very odd! Something like that has happened to me before, but I am glad that I didn’t do anything to upset you!

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      1. Since yesterday I have been on 490 and so far had 3 new follows but the count still says 490?? Maybe I have upset some others… Or WP doesn’t want me to get to 500!!!

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  2. Scary.

    I was in Arizona for the annual Civil War reenactment and they had a introduction to women’s fashions from the period. Apparently this is when the tiny waist come into vogue. The hoop dresses were going out of style, but women liked how it made their waists look smaller, so they began doing the craziest things to make them small, including the constrictive corset.

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