Episode 262: I’ve No Pinterest In Tweeting on Linkedin! Maybe Facebook Is More My Style!

I try to use Social Networks

To talk about my blog

But being tech-illiterate

I’d have more luck plaiting fog!

Linked in is more like locked out

As I don’t know what to do

Twitter makes me bitter

As I haven’t got a clue!

Pinterest lost my interest

Many months ago

On Instagram I have no likes

Because I am so slow!

Facebook is my favourite

As I don’t get in a rage

It would make me very happy

If you would ‘like’ my Facebook page!


48 thoughts on “Episode 262: I’ve No Pinterest In Tweeting on Linkedin! Maybe Facebook Is More My Style!

  1. So funny and so clever!
    I’m clueless when it comes to Twitter and the others (I used to be addicted to Facebook until I discovered WordPress and the World of Blogging 😉 ).
    Then I read Hugh’s comment above (thank you Hugh!) and decided to create a Twitter account – now all I need to do is work out how to get tweeting.

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  2. Haha, I agree! I am trying to use Twitter, but I do not find many benefits as yet. I don’t do Pinterest or Instagram, either. I will stick to WordPress and Facebook! I “Liked” your FB recently, as you did mine, for which I thank you! 🙂

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    1. Twitter is still unfamiliar ground to me. Yes Facebook is more understandable to me, but I still need to work on it as mine is just the same as on here! Thanks for liking by the way 🙂


  3. I’m afraid I don’t do Facebook, Edwina, but I am a big fan of Twitter, which has bought my blog huge amounts of traffic over the last six months. I was like you to begin with and did not really understand it, but I got some advice from other users and it’s now skies the limit with it.

    I’m just trying out Google Plus which, I’ve been told, is the new Facebook. I’ll keep you posted with how it does.

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    1. Hugh, i would like to personally thank you! I know you have shared some of my stuff on Google + and Twitter and have even got me retweets! I am not sure of the etiquette about thanking people for whenever they ‘favourite’ it or ‘retweet’ something but I definitely want to thank you. I have got a few new followers because of you too ! 🙂

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      1. Well that is great to hear, Edwina.

        Don’t worry about the favourites on Twitter. However, if somebody does retweet one of your posts then it is always good to retweet one of their’s as well. You don’t have to do it all the time, but once other twitter users see you retweeting other bloggers posts, then they to will start to retweet your posts. I tend to retweet up to four posts of other bloggers every hour. Any more than that and you could be seen as a spammer (and we don’t want that).

        Also, every Sunday, there is an event on Twitter called #Sundayblogshare. Type it into the search section of Twitter and you will see other bloggers who have used it. Then just tweet any of your posts ensuring you add #sundayblogshare as a hashtag and other participants will retweet your post. Ensure you retweet some of their tweets as well.

        Have fun with it.

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      1. Well Ive sugned up to the Facebook page, which I can manage, Twitter, which I don’t really understand, Tumblr, which just shares my posts there, as does Bloglovin too, and Google+ or G+ which does the same! I was using my Linked in profile but Hubby requested I don’t as it is a professional site, and some people don’t want funny stories on there, just the hard hittin business stuff, which I don’t do, lol!!!

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      2. Pretty similar here actually. I don’t have Tumblr. Google + seems to be quite good as I use that as well. Linked in I do not know what I am doing and sent out requests for people to endorse me, which I was mortified about! I am a bit of a liability when i try and play around with things! 🙂

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