Blogging From A-Z Challenge Starts Here!

I have been pretty excited about this challenge, and am thrilled that it is finally here!  So let’s kick off with the letter ‘A.’  Now my theme as I have previously mentioned here is ‘words’  so here is a great one to start with:

Ample – This is one sexy and voluptuous word!  It has quite an onomatopoeic  quality to it, as it conjures up images of roundness, and abundance (another good word). It is plentiful and generous. broad and accommodating. For some reason, in literature  the word ample is very often used in conjunction with ‘bosom’ (you can tell what type of books I read. Yes, I love a good bodice-ripper)! to describe some ‘buxom wench’ or matronly figure. I think this word is the perfect adjective to describe me (well it certainly beats ‘stocky)!

40 thoughts on “Blogging From A-Z Challenge Starts Here!

  1. I love it!! You and I both love to talk about our boobs or boobs in general (and some like to share black and white pics of their boobs, wink wink). Well done 🙂

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    1. Hi and welcome Kristin. I see you are a person who appreciates a good word, like myself! I am thrilled that you are going to make more use of it, it has ample possibilities! 🙂


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