Episode 272: What A Carry On!

I had really been looking forward to going to my sister’s today. I had a little nap before we went, as I slept very badly last night due feeling really rough with this bloody cold.

We picked my mum up on the way and everyone else was already there when we arrived. Lunch was a beautiful roast beef and yorkshire pudding. We had a cake that my sister had made for pudding which looked so good I took a photo of it!  Not only did it have mini eggs and chocolate orange segments, it also had Nutella in it! I just had to have a little bit of it to try and it was even better than it looked (if that us possible).

Anyway, the fever kicked in again after lunch, and as Mum felt tired, I ended up coming home early. Miss Hap, bless her, wanted to come with me as well to look after me (plus she didn’t want to walk home later as I had the car)!

We are now enjoying a ‘Carry On’ film fest in our pyjamas.  Every Bank Holiday they seem to put them on back to back. I grew up with these films, but never get tired of watching them. The silliness of them as well as the innuendo and double-entendres still make me laugh my head off! Good job I am easily pleased!

11 thoughts on “Episode 272: What A Carry On!

  1. Next time give Zicam a try. It’s a brand name over here, but I’m sure there is a UK version. Basically, it’s a zinc-based pill that reduces the cold effects, and shortens its’ duration. I’ve used it for a couple years and it works well for me, though it doesn’t really help once the cold has taken hold.

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  2. Oh now I’m feeling bad coz I should have taken a photo of the cake Lauren made for our guests …. It was a rich moist orange and carrot cake and she covered it with carrots and eggs and bows she made from icing and hand coloured … It was exquisite…
    Hope you’re soon on the mend.

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