The Daydreamer Challenge: Day 2

I am excited to be taking part in the lovely Caitlin’s Daydreamer Challenge and we are now on day two. Please check out Caitlin’s excellent blog The Teen Daydreamer if you haven’t already done so as it is filled with all sorts of delights from insightful posts to making cakes!

For today, Caitlin wants us to know all about us. we have the choice of writing all about a photograph that says something about us or is a good representation of who we are or we can use a word that describes us, plus make a new one up for good measure! As I think I have adequately described myself here I am going with the photo that is about who I am.

Actually, it is not easy trying to find a photo that represents me! I could choose one of me with family, as that is very important to me, or perhaps a beach (particularly Weymouth) as I do so love the seaside, maybe even my lovely (if not annoying) yellow car! No, the photo I have chosen is one of my graduation from University last year.

The reason I chose this as it represents a few things about me. Firstly, my constant quest for knowledge. I love to learn new things, and like to try to keep my mind as active as I can. This also represents my job which I do love. I studied for two years at university so am not a Registered nurse. At 45-year-old (at the time of applying), I didn’t know if I would cope academically with the three-year course, as it had been so long since I had been at school! Confidence has never been my strong point, However, I the passed the course with merit, so needn’t have worried, and met some wonderful people as well. It was a proud day for me but also a sad one as my dad had died at the beginning of my second year so never actually saw me complete the course.

So there you have it, me in a nutshell; I love laughing, learning , nursing, and nurturing. I am clumsy, mumsy, caring and sharing! Oh and an ‘eccentric’ in training!

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12 thoughts on “The Daydreamer Challenge: Day 2

  1. That’s so inspiring!!! I was just editing my “G” entry for A-to-Z, and it’s about age and feeling “too old,” and although I didn’t say it in the “G” post, writing it made me realize I’m really longing for more stories about people older than 18 doing amazing things (although I like reading about younger folks doing amazing things, too), like earning a degree, starting a new career, moving to another country, being an entrepreneur, and then, here you are! What a great story!!! (Although I was sorry to hear about your dad. It must have been very hard to keep plucking along in school during that time.)

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    1. Thank you so much Trista for your kind words. I thought I might have been ‘too old’ to have started something new, but then I didn’t want to let that stop me from doing something I really wanted. Also, for me, the desire to learn seems to get stronger with age, It did knock me quite a bit when Dad died, but then I was more determined than ever to finish the course. Out of us 6 kids. I was the only one to have gone to university, and I wanted to make him proud 🙂


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