Episode 276: Teamwork!

Me and Mr Grump make a pretty good team. This morning when he went off to work, I mentioned what I fancied for dinner tonight, and as he is based smack bang between two mini supermarkets I thought he might like to pop in and get the ingredients. He told me he didn’t, and that I have got the car, and could go myself!

Now this is true, but there is no harm in trying my luck even if it didn’t work this time. Off me and Miss Hap trot to the local supermarket and, as was expected, she was ‘helping’ me choose what shopping we needed.

Now I didn’t think popcorn, Pepperami and feta cheese were what I had in mind for dinner (oh, what a stomach-churning mixture)! ย She had talked me into a feta salad for her lunch which I agreed, and after picking my mum up a couple of things she needed (and a couple of things she didn’t, courtesy of Miss Hap) we went to visit mum.

It was when I got home and was unpacking the bags that I realised I was missing something. I had bought the aubergine and courgettes that we were going to have roasted but had forgotten the belly pork that we were going to have it with!

I thought I had better ring up Mr Grump so he could pick it up before he came home, but it went straight to voicemail. Bugger! Oh well, we will have to have something else instead I thought.

Not even five minutes later Mr Grump’s van pulls up right outside the kitchen window, he gets out with a few carrier bags which he dumps in the kitchen then shot off again! He had obviously thought I wasn’t go to get any shopping and had ย done it himself!

He loves grocery shopping (God knows why) and had bought far more stuff than I did! Some of it we actually needed as well! Funnily enough though, although he bought the pork, he didn’t get the veg!

Between us we have got it sussed!

17 thoughts on “Episode 276: Teamwork!

  1. Serendipity at its best…. Not you just love the way teenage “helpers” add the ” real food” to the shopping trolley while they’re on school holidays…. Mind you, feta salad sounds preferable to popcorn…fast talking, Mum!

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  2. I smiled so much reading this one! Excellent team work! Amazing how strong our connections are with our loved ones. Taco and I do that when we’re craving something. We usually have the same craving at the same time. He’ll say “Hey, want to go to that Indian restaurant?” And of course I’ll have been thinking exactly that. Beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Cute! I ran to the shop yesterday to get some cleaning supplies and dog food. Told The Mister he’ll hafta go to the actual grocer for the rest of what we need. He’s not excited at all, lol! Neither of us like to shop. Not one bit!

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