The Daydreamer Challenge: Day 4: Blogging Tips

Caitlin has set us quite a tricky challenge for today in the Daydreamer’s Challenge.We are to give any blogging tips that we have learned that has either made us want to follow another blogger, or has helped us to gain followers. I am still reasonably new to blogging, and am really rubbish at the technical side of things but here are my thoughts based on my personal experience and opinions.

  • Always take time to reply to comments. I know this is obvious, but if someone has taken the trouble to comment on something that you have written that strikes a chord with them, then they deserve the courtesy of a reply. Similarly, if you read something on someone’s blog that you can relate to in some way, then try and leave a comment for them. We all like to know that someone is reading what we write, and getting comments is a wonderful way to interact with each other.
  • Enrol on a ‘Blogging 101’ course or the writing or photography course, whichever one appeals to you, This really helped me to learn some of the basics even though I had already been blogging for a few months. You get to meet lots of other bloggers and can share tips and get feedback so it is a really worthwhile thing to do.
  • Read lots of other blogs! Don’t just stick to one genre. I follow all sorts of blogs, and have learned a lot from them as well as met some interesting people.
  • For me, when I am writing a post, I just write what I am thinking. I do not aim my posts at anyone in particular (this might not apply to you if you have a niche type blog) as I feel that if I am trying to impress someone then the post will look contrived and therefore defeat the object! My posts are, I’m afraid, the product of a disorganised mind!
  • Have fun! Join in with blogging parties and meet and greets. There are lots of lovely bloggers that host these and they are a great way to promote your own blog as well as find new ones to follow.

I hope some of these tips are helpful. Of course I am by no means an authority on blogging, but have told you what I have learned from my experience.

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