Daydreamer Challenge: Day 6: Questions From Other Bloggers.

Today is Day 6 of the Daydreamer Challenge hosted by the lovely Caitlin. Yesterday as part of the challenge, she wanted us to post questions we would like to pose to other bloggers. She has chosen a few of those including her own first question which we are to answer for today’s challenge.

My Question – Can you believe it is coming to the end of the daydreamer challenge? No I can’ actually. I have really enjoyed these challenges, interacting with the other  participants and finding out more about them. I will be sad to see the end of it. Maybe you would consider doing another one  in the future?

Just Call Me Elm Or Something – If you had the chance to meet one of your best internet friends/favourite blogger, would you be nervous before meeting them? I think it is always meeting someone new for the first time even if you had built up a great rapport online. I would worry that we would not get on or something in reality which would spoil a great online friendship. On the other hand, it was be fantastic to be able to meet up with some of the lovely bloggers that I have a real connection with.

Bubbakavangha – How do you describe your mind? Oh my poor mind. It is a bit ‘higgledy-piggledy’ to coin a phrase! I know i go off ion tangents at times and sometimes I forget what I was going to say completely, but I do try to bring some sort of order to it!

But I Smile Anyway– Would you like one of your posts to go viral? I dd answer this one on Ritu’s blog. Yes I would love one of my poems to go viral – but then would be worried that I wouldn’t be able to live up to it!

Silver Sparkling Stories – What’s your biggest fear? Death, I won’t dwell on it, but it is a huge fear for me.

A Random Person Called Annie – How did you feel after you posted your first ever post? Nervous and excited. I didn’t actually think that anyone was going to read it – but they did and I was thrilled.

One Sip At A Time – What’s your favourite phone app? I love to play Candy Crush on my phone/tablet as I find it a great stress reliever!

K.E Wilson – Where do you draw your inspiration? From life, work, family (that’s where I get most of it from), wacky or silly news. Anything that strikes me as funny really!

Lrod’s Blog – Would you rather have your blog go viral or keep t as it is (small audience)? I think many of us would like one of our posts to go viral. However, I have a wonderful group of people who follow my blog and who I love to interact that, No way would I want to lose the friendships I have made, so definitely keep it as is.

Gess Pressing Words – What is the most awkward situation you’ve ever been in? I have been in a few embarrassing situations mainly due to me clumsiness and ineptitude! Things like being signed off for things like would dressings etc where everything has to be kept as sterile as possible, and the equipment needed is all on a sterile field. I have been in the middle of the dressing and hit something onto the floor, whilst a senior nurse looks exasperated and I then have to get clean stuff and start again!

Sophie Speaks Up – If you could have someone’s blog for a month, whose blog would it be? Oooh, I don’t know really. There are so many bloggers that I admire that I could not just choose one.

Rogue Vogue – If you were to re-write the dictionary for the year 2030, what one word would you like to change the description of, and why? I would change the word ‘clumsy’. It would mean pleasantly pleasing, or highly talented or something!

Annemarie & Life – What is your favourite part of the day? (could be a time or an activity etc.) It has got to be early morning for me. I am a real early bird. I love the silence, and being on my own to wake up! I particularly like the early summer mornings with the back door open, sitting at my laptop with a cup of tea.

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