Episode 281: Horsing Around!

After the beautiful weather yesterday we had decided that we would have a BBQ today and invite the family over. We had tidied up the garden in preparation and were going out today to get the necessary supplies needed to feed a family of ‘good eaters!’

This morning I actually got up late for me and still felt tired. Mr Grump had already been out to walk the dog and I hadn’t even heard him get up. I went downstairs and looked out to see it was raining, and cold, and according to Mr Grump windy as well, Now I know this is typical British BBQ weather, but we decided that we would cancel it for another day.

Shopping still had to be done, so we finally got around to doing that after we had put our bets on for the ‘Grand National!’ Now we never usually do any betting here except for this one-off occasion. Usually some of the family like to gather together to watch it as we all have a go, and cheer on our horses.

My younger sister was going to come up and watch it with us, so we decided to put some bits on the BBQ anyway as her husband would come after work. Of course, because we had cancelled it the weather perked up a bit, but it was too late by then to get everyone to come.

Between us all we had a good few horses in the race to cheer on, but there were 20 fallers this year which is pretty awful really. Anyway, as our horses went one by one, out of the race, near the end the 2 of the ones Miss Hap picked were still in, one of mine and one of my sister’s. Needless to say mine so close to winning suddenly came 5th, my sister’s 4th and Miss Hap’s 3rd. She always picks the best horses every year.

Next year I will choose the same horses as her, as my technique of choosing horses with catchy names or pretty coloured jackets isn’t cutting it!

7 thoughts on “Episode 281: Horsing Around!

  1. My Grandfather always bet on the horses and his horses always performed brilliantly. His way of picking when I was still very little, was to let me say out random numbers in a range he supplied. When I got older, his method changed to betting on the underdog. It all comes down to luck in the end, so don’t change your method! Rather hope on change of luck 🙂

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