The Daydreamer Challenge: Day 7 Pt 1.

It is getting near to the end of the Daydreamer’s Challenge, and the lovely Caitlin would like to know which day we have enjoyed the most and why.

My favourite day was yesterday, day 6 of the Challenge. The reason for this is we got to answer some questions from other bloggers. I think you find out more about a person from this kind of interaction, and it is something a little different too. I feel that it beings us a ll just a little closer which is really lovely.

One of the posts that I have enjoyed reading this week, is by Sophie Speaks Up. This blog is very funny, but Sophie’s enthusiasm really shines through as well. Her excitement when getting notifications that someone has read or commented on her blog I can really relate to. She has gained a lot of followers in a short time which is due to her creative and funny ways with words.

I would like to thank Caitlin very much for organising this challenge. It has been a lot of fun as well as very enlightening to participate in, I am thrilled that she is going to host another challenge in August, and will be signing up for sure!

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