Episode 286: Multicoloured Madness!

Over here in the UK we have got a bit of Election Fever going on.  In less than a month we will be casing our votes for the next Prime Minister and their government to take up residence, and all of the major parties are spouting off about the miraculous things they are going to change, or introduce.

One parliamentary candidate decided that it would be a great idea for people who  suffer from mental health problems, to wear some sort of coloured wristband according to their conditions.This was mentioned by her at a debate to keep the NHS public; she thought it might help professionals to identify conditions that mentally ill people might not be able to convey to them otherwise!

She has managed to offend quite a few people by this outrageous suggestion, not least because people with mental health conditions tend to already be stigmatised, or pre-judged in some way. There is still quite a lack of understanding and ignorance surrounding mental health, and decorating people with an array of different coloured wristbands is just like branding them as ‘unclean’ or something!

I suffer from depression myself (as it happens today is not a great day for me), and I don’t think I want to be walking about with an accessory that identifies me as having a mental illness. I am not ashamed of it, or anything, but there is far too much discrimination  as it is, due to ignorance. To broadcast to all and sundry that you have one or more of these conditions is setting yourself up for yet more problems!

Do you agree with the wearing of wristbands for mental health sufferers?

20 thoughts on “Episode 286: Multicoloured Madness!

  1. Outrageous. I haven’t heard of this, but I can barely believe any intelligent individual would think ANYONE, including health professionals, would consider this to be a good idea or even very helpful. What happens to those with multiple diagnosis? Their whole arm would be covered in bloody coloured bangles, absolutely unbelievable. I’m afraid I am not very open about my MH and most people would never even guess. As if I’m gonna wear a flaming bangle…tut


    1. Exactly. The person with an armful would be a walking target of ridicule and God knows what else by those that have no understanding or compassion. I have only really talked about my depression recently and I do not want the bloody world and his wife knowing about it either especially as I work for the NHS!

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  2. That’s a tough call. On the one hand I can see how it would be offensive for sure. But, on the other hand it would also bring it out of the dark and mysterious place it sometimes hides. Looking back it may have helped me to have more people know so that I could have educated them.


  3. Hi, I’m a journalism student at the University of Sheffield and I’m writing a news feature for assessment. The news feature is about the NHS and its work for mental health, and the pledges of the political parties for mental health, such as the one you have discussed above. It would be lovely if I could get some comments from you in regards to possibly your own experience with depression, and how you feel services or awareness could/is being increased by say the NHS or a political party?
    You can email me at: sian.abigail@hotmail.co.uk


  4. Its ridiculous!! I am so put off these manifestos by these silly suggestions seemingly intelligent politicians make! Obviously they aren’t that intelligent, and need bands of their own!

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  5. What a stupid idea, buying and wearing wristbands in support of a cause is one thing, using them to label and identify people with different mental health conditions is ridiculous!

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  6. I don’t agree with the coloured bands. I too would not want to be judged by others from afar. Why not like the diabetes or Alzheimer’s bracelets so if there is a medical emergency the doctors know. They aren’t colour coded so just look like a piece of jewelry.
    Hope you are doing ok. I am struggling this winter too.
    2015 has not been a great friend to me this year….yet.

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    1. I would wear something that is subtle and looks like jewellery.
      I have been back to docs yet again today and they have upped my meds again. Not feeling so good at the moment, a bit up and down..
      I hope you are feeling better soon as well. I am thinking of you 🙂


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