Episode 287: Whittling Down The Waist!

I’ve always had a problem

With my lack of waist

I’ve always loved my food so much

But overindulged my tastes!

So I have had to take some action

To tone the muffin top

After talking with a friend

I set off to the shop

To get myself a hula hoop

To whittle the inches away

The regimen is easy

Just ten minutes every day

Three weeks in already

And half an inch less flab

It looks as though I’m lighter too

5 pounds lost. That’s fab!

15 thoughts on “Episode 287: Whittling Down The Waist!

  1. If I had a hoola hoop my little Jack would be hanging off it! Maybe that doesn’t sound too good, I mean, my dog would try to attack it. But, nice one that you’re seeing a difference by shaking that butt…keep spinning 🙂

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    1. Ha Ha! I laughed at poor little Jack hanging off your hula hoop! My little Cavalier King Charles spaniel Roxy turns away when I am hooping. She is probably perturbed by the earthquake as I twirl about!


  2. Congrats, Edwina! That’s awesome! Just getting back to the hula hooping is quite the thing isn’t it? I started with it 2 years ago and it took a little doing before I was back in good form with it!

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      1. And, looking at results, you OWN it! Seriously well done!!! I need to change my eating habits too now though, I think! I have become too lax with all the wrong foods!!! And it’s showing in all the wrong places!!! 😐

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      2. I must admit I am still struggling with the weight. I have a lot to lose and I find it so hard as I am not feeling too great at the moment which make me want to eat! Especially as I have given up the fags!


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