Episode 288: One-Liner Wednesday: Grown Up!

“Wow, you look so grown up, and absolutely beautiful!”

It is a real job to get Miss Hap into a dress. It seems that leggings and jeans is the stock ‘uniform’ of the tween, much to my despair. I have bought her dresses for various occasions but she is not keen, and rarely wears them. She even has a lovely pair of unworn sandals, preferring to wear Converse shoes or some sort of trainers or another.

Today, we are supposed to get 20 degrees Celsius which for us is a heat wave at this time of year (or any time of year actually). This equates to about 68 Fahrenheit, so is quite warm even now,

I picked out a dress for Miss Hap that she has never worn and asked her to try it on. The above is what I said after seeing her in it. I’ve (temporarily) got my little ladylike girl back)!! Needless to say I got a photo – quick!

This post is inspired by LindaGHill  One-liner Wednesday!

24 thoughts on “Episode 288: One-Liner Wednesday: Grown Up!

  1. It’s a very nice dress and she looks good in it… I wonder how long she wore it for? The weather has been gorgeous today, but the winter woollies will be back on by Monday… oh ye prophet of doom 🙂

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    1. She went straight off and changed back into leggings, realised it was too hot and put shorts on! I will pass on the compliment, thanks. Hey you can stop that with your doom and gloom mongering! Mind you I am back to work on Monday so don’t care!!!!! 🙂


      1. It went okay, some polyps removed, a biopsy taken and I have Diverticular, just for good measure. Off to bed now, I’m exhausted!


      2. I’m sure I already told you in another comment on my last post. I’m too tired to check tonight, but WP aren’t sending notification for a lot of comments, it’s happening to me a lot. Nightie night

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    1. Yes, you are right. If course I just wanted to keep her my little girl with cute dresses etc. At least she wears a pretty headband with daisies on it! Hopefully she will go back to wearing dresses like your daughter did (and she looks beautiful too) 🙂


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