Episode 289: Facebook Friends – or Foes?

Having a baby is such a life-changing experience. You can’t wait to meet your little bundle and as soon as they are born, you oooh and aaaah over every little milestone, especially if they are your first. In this age of social networking, you can record and document everything for the benefit of your family and friends so they don’t miss out either.

How would you feel then if you received an anonymous letter through the post from some of your ‘friends’ slagging you off for your excessive Facebook posting? This is what happened to one poor Australian Mum.

Apparently, a group of her so-called fiends had got together and had written (or should I say typed. this was anonymous after all) to her telling her that they were fed up with her constantly posting pictures of her little girl. The said hurtful things like ‘they didn’t care that she was able to crawl on the carpet.’

They were also sick of the little girl modelling outfits that she had been given as gifts, telling her mother that she should ‘ send the person who sent the gift a private photo of her wearing it, rather than plastering it all over Facebook.

They also told this Aussie mum that they would be glad when she goes back to work so that she won’t have as much time to post as many pictures of her daughter online. These people, don’t forget, were supposed to be her friends! 

However, this mum had a good friend who happened to be a comedienne with a load of Facebook followers. She sent the nasty note to her who posted it on her own page with a little message explaining how this ‘took bitching to a whole new level.’

Who needs friends like these?!

20 thoughts on “Episode 289: Facebook Friends – or Foes?

  1. this is so sad. Social media seems to give some the right to be so mean. If they aren’t interested they can unfollow their ‘friend’, or just scroll past the post. But really, this takes the idea of ‘mean girls’ to a whole new level (and age bracket).

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  2. Such nastiness, and in such a cowardly manner! I admit, I have friends who post multiple pictures of their kids every single day…it’s a bit much, but I would never say anything hurtful! I just scroll on by, or I post a few shots of my super adorable cat!

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    1. We all have friends that post things that we are not that interested in, but to stoop so low as to gang up and send that nasty letter is pretty rotten, Good for you putting your kitty pics up and why not?


  3. That’s just … weird. They could have simply un-friended her in FB and not said one nasty word, or even made her posts not visible on their wall. Maybe just jealous of all her joy? Still, no excuse. Man… ouch. (Also, I love the earlier dress picture and post!)

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  4. I think that is awful. The note. I mean, I too get a little annoyed when new parents totaly give up their own identity and change everything to their kids this and their kids that, but 1. You can understand their excitement. And 2. There is an easier and more tactful way to approach them.

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  5. I saw that! I cannot imagine what would drive a person to be so hateful!
    I think we all have at least one of those friends whose posts sometimes annoy us, but it’s best to remember it’s THEIR account!

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  6. What a shower of two faced spineless gits…tut… if you don’t like what you see, piss off and unfollow, simple as…. Maybe that takes too much brain power for those morons

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  7. I read about this, this morning ! Its really not on!
    I have a friend who had a baby after years of trying… He’s 1 now. She posts pics every day, many times, and someone said the same to her… But she replied, that’s what the unfriend, or unfollow button is for! She’s proud, and as her friends, if you can’t understand her reasoning behind her posting, the love in each photo, the thankfulness that that child was finally in her arms, then you’re no friend at all…

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