Episode 295: What’s In a Name?

As many of you know, my name is not actually Edwina, it is Judy. I used Edwina due to wanting to remain anonymous when I first started out in blogging (all of 7 months ago). At the beginning of this year I decided  I was brave enough to use my own name.but I have kept the blog name the same as I like it, and some people still address me as Edwina anyway which is fine by me.

I am pretty partial to giving little pet names to some of my family members anyway – even my mum! I call her ‘Peg’ and have done for many years as I thought her teeth looked like pegs! Not very nice I know, but she doesn’t mind, even when ex-boyfriends have mistakenly called her it, thinking it was her name!

Miss Hap I call ‘Beauty’ or ‘Cinderella!’ She hates it when I dare to do it in front of her friends, but she is my little princess and that is that! The poor dog gets called ‘Roxy Roo’ or ‘Poxy’ by my elder sister! Mind you I call her ‘Willow’ after ‘Willow The Wisp!’ My daughter calls her ‘Gingerella’ or ‘Aunty Ginger’ for obvious reasons!

Mr Grump I normally call ‘hub’ or ‘Victor’ when he is crabby (after Victor Meldrew), along with ‘Mr Selfishness’  when he dares to buy himself anything (especially if he hasn’t got me anything)!

Yes I love nicknames. My nieces both over 25 years old, still get called ‘Buffle’ and ‘Boof’! Silly little made-up names that I thought suited them when they were little! One of my nephews I named ‘plumptious’ (he is 23)!

Do you like your name or do you use a nick name?

28 thoughts on “Episode 295: What’s In a Name?

  1. My family used to call me Wendy Woo…. I hated it… But not long ago I saw my only living uncle… A darling of 87 years… He immediately greeted me as Woo and I had such a memory rush and surge of love that I nearly cried…


  2. Hi Judy, we have nicknames in my house too, I am Ms Kimmy, my husband stuck with it when we met, and we used it as our names when we dis the radio show, he was “Rockin’ Robbo” and I was “Miz Kimmy” half our town still calls us that. My star son is “Big Will” when he started playing AFL football at 9 yrs old he was the smallest on the team with the longest name ” william” so his coach nick named him “big will” he’s starting his fourth season today and he’s still Big Will, my husband and I have our football jackets embroidered with “Big Will’s Mum/Dad” my first daughter was nicknamed by my Dad immediately as “Boo” and my second daughter got “Bambi” they are 24 and 23 now, my first born son was named Jarrah after the tree, so my father-in-law has hencefore called him “woody” my Granddaughter is 16 months and when she was born I started singing “Sweetpea” and never stopped it calms her down immediately and my grandson was so big and fat and floppy when he arrived I called him “squishy” he’s 16 months and is still a squishy!

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    1. Hi Ms Kimmy and thanks for your comments! I love all of your nicknames, and especially the fact that you all still have them. It is great that you and your husband had embroidered jackets with your son’s nickname on them! Brilliant! 🙂

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  3. This is really funny because only yesterday I was wondering if Edwina was your real name. It’s quite a light heated humorous sort of name, so you will probably always be Edwina to me. I used to like my real name when I lived in Scotland because it is not very common and it’s also fairly outdated, but when I moved to London, I discovered my name is extremely popular, so much so that we are usually given nicknames. I earned the name Cat years ago because at one time I had three cats, mother and two kitty’s.

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    1. Edwina is my middle name. As it is not that common I decided to use it, plus it is prettier than Judy! It is funny how quickly you can get used to a nickname though, Lots of people address me as Edwina here which is fine, but if someone called me it at work I probably wouldn’t realise they are talking to me! Cat is a good nickname 🙂

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  4. We are very nickname-oriented at our house. We don’t call the children by their names most of the time. We really do call them by all their assorted pet names.
    The boy one less and less, tho, as he really does prefer his given name, and manhood is complicated when being called Little Man as you tower over your parents. 😉

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