Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘R’

Rrrrrrrrrrrr we are in our stride now with the Blogging From A-Z challenge and are racing ahead rapidly with the letter ‘R.’ This letter has a bit of everything too, its top half is rotund while the bottom reclines at an angle.  I have found a lovely word for today, another of my favourites….Let’s get on with it then……

Ribald. This is a wonderful old-fashioned word, it is the bawdy, behaviour of the boozed-up bard, the coarseness of the Court Jester. This speaks to me of medieval times, where the king has got his hand up a serving wench’s skirt, or a couple of rowdy revellers have nipped off to a quiet corner for a bit of ‘slap and tickle!’

It is immodesty and impropriety, smuttiness and sleaze. The modern-day politician caught with his trousers down being flogged by a dominatrix, type of thing. It is lewd and licentious. seedy and sordid!

It is easy to see why I love this word so much!

19 thoughts on “Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘R’

  1. I love that last paragraph!!! You could read it aloud as a performance piece. ‘… smuttiness and sleaze; lewd and licentious.’ I just finished reading a young adult book written in prose called The Crossover by Kwame Alexander, and the main character has a vocabulary page here and there that read like this post. He uses pulchritudinous for one page, for example, when his twin brother meets a cute girl. The book has the same “spunk” as your posts; you might like it.

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  2. I do notice how you seem to bring these words down to a very similar naughty level. I know of the frolicking well, but this is one word I had never heard. I will be sad when this challenge is over, it has been really enjoyable

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    1. Yes, it has also occurred to me that I always end up lowering the level down. Just the way my poor, sick mind works. I will miss the challenge as well. I have had such fun with those words! 🙂


      1. I have been a bit busy, the last couple of days, but once i have caught up with reading some blogs I am going to do a bit of posting hopefully. Am off tomorrow so it will not be quiet for long! Oooooh you know how to make me smile….give me words!!! what have you got for me?!! 🙂

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  3. Again another word that I wasn’t familiar with. I love the way you paint the scene with other words to give us a better idea of the meaning.

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