Episode 300: Life’s Little Niggles.

Today I was just having a ponder on the little niggles in life that drive me mad. You know the kind of thing, I am off today and yet I am not feeling very well, not to mention the fact that some strange spot thing has appeared under my eye. This has swollen the bags under my eye so that I look pretty horrendous! Anyway here are more of my little annoyances.

  • Why is it that when you try to show somebody how to do something, you bugger it up regardless of how many times you have done it faultlessly before?
  • Why is it that on the rare occasions we get visitors, the bloody phone doesn’t stop ringing?!
  • Why do I always break a nail just when I have got them all the same length?
  • Why am I the only person in the house who refills the loo roll when it runs out?
  • How comes someone who looks the same build as me is two sizes smaller?
  • Why is it that my dog adores Mr Grump and virtually ignores me? (Little floozie)!
  • Why can’t I learn how to do fancy braids in my hair, despite watching numerous tutorials?
  • Why have I got the only child that looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards before she even gets to school?
  • Why can’t I be one of those people who eat like a bird, rather than a horse?
  • Why can’t I make a sandwich without making a mess?

I suppose life would be boring if everything were perfect; it would  be nice to try it for a day though!

26 thoughts on “Episode 300: Life’s Little Niggles.

  1. I do believe you are perfect. Do you get dirty just walking across the room? I do. I never get anywhere totally put together. If nothing else, I step in a dog poop just before I get in my car.

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  2. How come just the person you are avoiding is waiting for you at the railway station and wants to talk to you as if nothing has happened ?
    How come others are able to write and write but even a few words can’t roll off your pen ?
    How come I always have bad hair days and some people’s hair looks good no matter what they do ?
    My personal niggles.
    Thanks for sharing yours !

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    1. Oooh, the person at the train station sounds really annoying! I have experienced both of the other two; some people seem to have a never-ending flow of words, and I can’t get one out! Don’t even go there with the hair! Mine is always a bloody sight! Thanks so much for for sharing yours too Susie. 🙂


  3. Edwina and the niggles…..am sorry to hear about your eye and your niggles. Am hopeful that you’ll feel better soon and not be so annoyed. It’s tough sometimes when things never seem to let up, I know. Hang in there….there’s always an upside on the way when you’re down……

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    1. Yes to all of those Wendy. I get in a mess trying to tear cling film as it all seems to end u in a ball! We all have a nice collection of odd socks in this house, and I will often go to the shops for something I really needed – then promptly forget to get it! Grrrrrrrrrr


  4. Why does our bathroom sit unoccupied for hours, but as soon as someone goes in to use it, there is someone else pounding in the door claiming they are going to soil themselves if the person in the bathroom doesn’t hurry up?

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  5. I’m the only person in my house that ever replaces the toilet paper roll as well. It’s funny that you posted this ‘niggle list.’ I was working on something similar yesterday–not niggles, just a random thought run amok! I hope you feel better! Take care. 🙂

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  6. Judwina, Judwina, Judwina… you are not alone, in all those things!!!!
    I suffer pretty much all those niggles too!
    I hope your eye gets betters soon, and that you’re feeling better ASAP!
    (Are you sure this isn’t just an effort to blog more??!! ;P)

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