Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘U’

The  Blogging From A-Z Challenge reaches the letter ‘U’ today. This is a very happy looking letter, resembling a huge smile. It is curvy yet uniform, can be imaginative and unimaginative, a bit of contradiction is this letter, when teamed with an ‘n’ and used as a prefix! With that in mind, here is my word for today…..

Unflattering. Now I am on pretty good terms with this word; it is trying on a dress and realising that yes, my bum does look big in this. It is the state of my hair first thing in the morning, sticking up in whatever direction it chooses. This word is just under my left eye! It is swollen and puffy due to some blisters that look like cold sores that have decided they will settle themselves on my face for a while.

It is the cruel realisation that red lipstick on your teeth is not a winning look, or the harsh reality that blonde is just not your colour and adds 10 years onto your age!

I encounter unflattering on a daily basis!

24 thoughts on “Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘U’

  1. Isn’t it annoying when you pick up an outfit on a hanger in a shop, and it looks perfect, only to try it on, and it looks like the proverbial sack of potatoes… Unflattering to the end!
    Hope you’re doing better! X

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  2. I go by how I feeeeeeel. If I feel good in something, I reckon I look good. Confidence IS the trick. I know this, because I see beautiful women in ugly clothes that they certainly seem to like, and thus, they look great 😉
    I’m of the opinion that butts can never be too big and there is a perfect shade of red lipstick for everyone.

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  3. I hear you Judy. Hubby and I are going out tomorrow night for a night on the town and I’m dreading the idea of shopping today. What looks good on the hanger doesn’t usually look good on my body. Wish me luck 😉

    BTW, you’re presence, even if virtual, is very flattering. And I love your pic next to the phone booth. You look very stylish 🙂

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  4. Unflattering happens to the best of us! Sometimes we are savvy and ditch the unflattering attire, styles, etc, but sometimes you’ve just got to think what the heck I like it even if it doesn’t like me!

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