Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘V’

We are romping onwards with the Blogging From A-Z Challenge  and have now found ourselves at the letter ‘V.’ This letter is very open, arms or even legs akimbo, either way, very friendly! It can also be very virtuous or perhaps even vile, or violent. There are several choices I could have gone with here, vajazzle being one of them, but i could not make enough of it, so perhaps another time, So instead I am going to for the rufty-tufty and oh so manly…………………

Virile. Now this is definitely my kind of word, as you might have guessed! It is red-blooded and randy, hot and horny, strong and sexy. Oh yes, this word is very masculine and macho, a kind of ‘sling you over the shoulder and carry you off for a bit of rumpy-pumpy’ kind of thing. It is fertile and flirty, ready for some love at any given moment, It energetic and exhausting.

Phew! I have got myself all of a tizzy now!

22 thoughts on “Blogging From A-Z Challenge: ‘V’

  1. Throughout your challenge, I have loved the way you embraced describing the letter itself. You breathed life into them – the letter V was really bang on 🙂


  2. I found a pretty decent outfit by the way. Including red, open-toe faux patent leather heels. Red is a virile colour is it not? I plan on getting an expensive tube of red lipstick too. I’m going all out for tomorrow’s hot night on the town 😉

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