Episode 305: I’ve Had Enough Of Your Lip Kylie Jenner!

Celebrities sometimes have a lot to answer for. Many of them are role models to our young and impressionable who want to ‘fit in.’ They think that by emulating some of their idols behaviour they too will be popular and successful, even if it makes them look ridiculous!

The latest craze, apparently attributed to Kylie Jenner, is to make your lips look like you have been punched in the mouth! Now why anyone would find this attractive is beyond me, but what do I know? I am old and past it!

To achieve said look, also described as bee-stung lips (if you ask me it is more like anaphylaxis after being stung), you are supposed to put a glass (preferably a shot glass) over the lips, suck all the air out, prise it off, and admire your massive mouth!

This is just wrong on so many levels! Not only is it dangerous, (the glass could break cutting into the mouth), but for some, the ‘trout pout’ look takes a few days to go back down again. A few youngsters have suffered bruising as well as split lips, and even for those where it has supposedly ‘worked,’ they resemble a duck with an abscess!

Unfortunately,  Miss Hap has had a go at this without saying anything beforehand. I am annoyed as I had vaguely heard about it before but didn’t think she would want to try it! I am hoping that it will go down quickly as it looks painful apart from anything else.

Next time she wants a drink she can have a plastic beaker and not a glass!

Swollen Lips

26 thoughts on “Episode 305: I’ve Had Enough Of Your Lip Kylie Jenner!

  1. Lol that isn’t Miss Haps lips, is it? OMG I had never heard of this done with a glass, dearie me, I must be getting old. I live beside an area with lots of rich and famous people and let me tell you, the trout look is very common amongst the women…but why? It looks so ridiculous. One lady I speak to regularly, well, when I say speak, I do the talking, but she mumbles through these enormous sucker lips, it looks soooo uncomfortable. I hope Miss Hap isn’t planning a repeat performance of glass sucking tut tut

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    1. I was annoyed about this silly idea to have mahooosive lips which are not attractive in the least! Yes those are Miss Hap’s lips; she was lucky that they have gone down now without causing any damage! Honestly!

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    1. Hi and thanks so much for commenting. Yes, celebrities are so fake. I get annoyed with the fact that our kids want to emulate them so much despite the fact that most of them spend a fortune to look like they do!


  2. Your Kylie is an unknown here in Oz but the duckface practice is definitely about…
    Here’s how to put her off it forever… explain that what they are REALLY doing is trying to make their mouths look like a vagina… so if she wants to be a Fannyface… Go for it!

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  3. I am so sorry! As soon as I saw a blip about it on the news, I warned my girls and they had already heard about it! Fortunately they didn’t attempt it. Like you, I am far more concerned with the idea that the glass would break under pressure and cut them to bits!
    I was pleased to hear that they like their lips just fine.
    I will count that as a personal victory, cause heaven knows we moms don’t get as many as we’d like!

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