Episode 308: One-Liner Wednesday – Hidden Secrets?

” Why is there a book about ‘the joys of bisexual love’ in with these bibles?” I asked my mum, whilst my sister chortled!

Looking through a box of long-forgotten books belonging to my 82-year-old mother, I found one that seemed a little out-of-place!

I would love to know how that got there!

This post is inspired by LindaGHill

23 thoughts on “Episode 308: One-Liner Wednesday – Hidden Secrets?

  1. You know, with my mother anyway, if there are words she isn’t familiar with (i.e. bisexual which wasn’t a common word/topic in their day) she may actually have no idea what that book was/is about when she picked it up. Am sure she figured it out if she ever opened it and if she did open it and figure it out, I’m sure my mother would be much too embarrassed to ever get rid of it and chance someone seeing her with something like that. Just saying…..we might be able to give the benefit of the doubt here….. πŸ™‚

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