Episode 310: Happy Birthday Beauty!

Was it really 12 years ago

I first held you in my arms?

Your face all scrunched and wrinkled

And little skinny legs and arms!

I had waited so long to have you

And I never thought I’d see

That this beautiful, perfect baby

Would actually belong to me

To start with things were tricky

As it was just the two of us

But we muddled through it

With the minimum of fuss

You have grown so very quickly

And are now nearly a teen

You are clever, bright and funny

And look like a Beauty Queen

We have come so far together

I’m so proud of my little girl

So Happy Birthday darling

You really rock my world!

23 thoughts on “Episode 310: Happy Birthday Beauty!

  1. Happy belated birthday to your princess!! I love walking down memory lane and reminiscing. I often sit with the kids and look through pics of before and after – “you in mommy’s uterus” and “Just born”. What a blessing to have your daughter 🙂

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  2. Happy birdy to Miss Harp… she’s only 12 but was sucking tumblers to her lips…eek…I just didn’t realise how young. Oh we must be getting old

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