Free–For-All Friday #8

Welcome to my Friday  Free-for-all where I have had a look around and found some great posts to share with you. Please visit these blogs as they all have so much to offer. I am sorry there are not that many this week, but what I have got are well worth a look at.

Nicholas C Rossis This post I came across via another blogger but it is hilarious. A silly bit of nonsense that made me roar my head off, definitely my kind of post!

Author Erika Kind I have been feeling pretty rough for a while, but this song always makes me laugh and cheers me up.

AlkaGirdha This post was in response to a challenge. I thought it was particularly poignant, and very well-written.

Inspirational Hope This was a lovely happy post, and these are my favourite types! I love to see smiley faces and there are plenty here.

The Confusing Middle I had to laugh at this post as it is something that I would have made a huge fuss about as well!

Please feel free to add any links to blogs that you have enjoyed in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Free–For-All Friday #8

  1. Hi Edwina! Thank you so much for mentioning me! I feel very honored! But I am even more happy that the song cheered you up! It does it to me as well! Thank you again and have a blessed and happy day!

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