Episode 312: A new Princess and Playmate For George.

Amidst a great deal of excitement, a new royal princess was born yesterday. William and Katherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at hospital at 6am yesterday morning as Katherine was in the early stages of labour.

Whilst the poor woman was puffing and panting, not to mention pushing, the world’s press were gathered outside the hospital desperate for news. Our national news reports were covering every aspect and angle they could whilst awaiting confirmation that the baby had been born.

News soon filtered out that a baby girl was born at 8:34am weighing, 8lb 3oz, There had already been huge speculation that the baby would be a girl, and the Queen wore a pink outfit yesterday, to mark her great-granddaughter’s arrival.

Poor little Prince George went to visit his mum and new baby sister, and trotted along holding his dad’s hand, probably terrified at all the people looking at him and taking photos. He did manage a little wave to them though, despite his bemusement.

From about 5pm onwards when I tuned in to watch the news, there was a shot of the hospital door as it was reported that William, Katherine and the new baby were going to leave soon (Prince George had already left; there is no excuse to mess up his evening routine, and he had to be bathed and have his tea.)!

Around 6:30pm we finally got to see the proud parents. Katherine looked as fresh as a daisy with immaculate hair and make-up. No doubt her stylists were on hand to sort her out, as she was probably a bit dishevelled after giving birth less than 10 hours before!

They posed on the steps for a while with the pretty princess, but unlike they did with George, they got straight into to car and drove home, rather than speak to the press.

You have got to admire Kate; it seems like delivering a baby is on in a day’s work for her!


25 thoughts on “Episode 312: A new Princess and Playmate For George.

  1. Kate is amazing – out in the cold getting photos taken after just giving birth. I was surprised she was going home the same day too. Do you think they will name her Diana?

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  2. It’s nice to have a princess for a change, isn’t it?
    I have a friend who births babies with ease. I mean, stops pushing to ask her husband if he’s alright, lol — she looks good right after, even. It’s kinda absurd, but then, happy, because well, good for her!

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  3. Whether we like it or not, everyone was super excited or at least the press made it appear so.
    Thanks for the post Edwina !
    Maybe you can use this for a little book too- like ” The little new princess” or something like that.

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  4. I’ve already put my Grandson’s hand up for her future husband, since her brother is having my Sweetpea for his wife.. One of my friends on Facebook said “Dream on” and I said… It can happen.. Mary from Tasmania married Prince Fredrick from Denmark and now have four beautiful children… Stranger things have happened!

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      1. You are partly right, She is now 4th in line to the throne after Charles, William and George. If she had been born before George then she would have been 3rd in line regardless, even if boys had followed after her.


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