Episode 318: Wacky Word Wednesday!

As I am now lamenting the end of the Blogging From A-Z Challenge and the fun I had finding words that appealed to me, I have decided that I will do a post on a Wednesday highlighting a weird, wacky or wonderful word. I am kicking off with a great-sounding word today……..

Cantankerous. This word is the crabby and crotchety, crusty and cross old codger that likes to moan and whinge about everything. He is grumpy and grouchy, miserable and morose. His ill-tempered and irritable demeanour makes him snappy and sour.

Or what about the sullen and short-tempered child, cranky and quarrelsome, who will not be pacified?  They are prickly and petulant, obstinate and onery, not to mention fractious and  downright foul!

A bit like me when I get hungry really!

28 thoughts on “Episode 318: Wacky Word Wednesday!

  1. Great word…. onomatopoeic I reckon… and I hooted aloud at your comment about it being you when hungry… I have my hand up in the air declaring “Me too!!”
    Maybe we should start a campaign to preserve and resurrect all these delicious words…


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