Episode 324: Taking Advantage.

On one of the last visits to my dad, he was enjoying watching the birds that were feeding off the seeds that he and my step-mother had laid out for them in the bird feeder.

Miss Hap seemed quite enchanted by it as well so we decided to buy one when we got back. We hung it on a special pole with a water bath and little table type thing on it, and waited for the birds to come.

Over the last couple of years we have some regular visitors of starlings, a little robin and our favourite, Mr Tubbs, who occasionally brings his wife with him for dinner (I am not quite sure what he is, but he is quite chunky).

Our little dog Roxy, used to like to go out and bark at them to scare them off but has since given up on that, as she knows she has no hope of catching them. What she does instead is to wait for them to drop bits on the ground (Mr Grump quite often puts out large chunks of bread that has gone stale) and gobble them up.

We have a few trees to the back and side of us, and when we looked out one day, we found that we had an unexpected visitor. He fancied a bit of lunch and liked what we had on offer, so he settled himself down at the table to tuck in!

10 thoughts on “Episode 324: Taking Advantage.

  1. ah yes, the squirrels are pretty clever at getting at the bird food. Our feeder shuts off with the weight of a squirrel but one has learned that if he knocks at it some seeds will fall to the ground and he will have a nice tidy little snack.

    Little bugger!

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  2. I LOVE MY SQUIRRELS. I have several of them named. They have great personalities! I started out with a feeder under my tree. The squirrels took it over. I still got birds all morning, but late afternoon, the squirrels ruled. I live in a wooded area.
    I added a corn cob feeder just for the squirrels. My husband’s aunt told me as long as I continue to feed the squirrels away from the growing food, they’ll leave my garden beds alone. This winter, I continued to throw assorted noms out to the tree for the squirrels, but come March, I moved the bird feeder much closer to the house. Even though the squirrels will come directly to the door and beg (I’m not joking) they don’t bother the feeder anymore, and the birds come by more and more. I still throw stale breads, cereals, nuts and seeds out to the tree for the squirrels, but they seem to understand that the feeder area is for birds and flowers, and they didn’t bother my garden until late October, when we had more yield than we could consume anyway.
    I’m not telling you to move yours, I’m just prattling πŸ™‚ It’s worked out quite well for me and I’m pleased.
    I want all the critters to be happy πŸ˜›

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    1. I think it is lovely that the squirrels come to the door. The ones we have here are pretty nervous and sometimes and will scamper off if they hear us. We live in quite a populated area so I think it is quite nice to see all the wildlife that we get. πŸ™‚

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