Episode 338: Not A Positive Outcome!

I have read quite a few inspiring post lately about staying positive, focusing on all the good things rather than the negative. I am not too good at this but decided that it was time I turned things around and concentrated on the bright side of things.

Today was quite busy at work, and I was back to looking after my ladies again. It is a lovely day today and extremely hot and stuffy on the ward. Add to the mix a plastic apron and latex gloves (which are more often on than off) and it can get rather sweaty! (I should be a good couple of sizes smaller due to all the running around and sweating I do, but hey, I am not supposed to be negative)! Oh, and don’t forget to throw in the fact that my ladies get cold, so there are no windows open for longer than a nanosecond to let any air in either).

Anyway, a couple of ladies were upset due to an incident overnight, and I spent quite a lot of time talking to one of them to listen to her concerns, and give her some reassurance (Sister spoke to the other one). She seemed happy with what I had told her, and at the end of the conversation asked if it was ok if she could ask me a personal question. I of course, told her that it was, and she said,

“So when is your baby due?” Great! I have spent the last TWO MONTHS hula hooping trying to whittle myself a bloody waist, and that is what I get! Β I was mortified (and so was she when I told her that I was not in fact pregnant). I am trying to find a positive to this, and the only thing I can come up with is at least she thinks I am still young enough to have a baby!

42 thoughts on “Episode 338: Not A Positive Outcome!

  1. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but excuse me as I wipe the tears away! That sounds like a lovely fresh environment to work in and then to be asked that… 😳 I’ve actually been guilty of asking that same question… open mouth first, think last. Never mind, it certainly is a compliment that you look young and vibrant enough to be pregnant in the first place. I thought you were only 40, seriously… I’m not laughing this time πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh Cat, you have a vicious streak, laughing at my poor misfortune. I have to say that when I went to the nurses’ station, I did kind of make a joke about it. Still I am flattered that I look almost 10 years younger than I am so you have (slightly) redeemed yourself! πŸ™‚

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  2. Someone asked me that once and I was nine months pregnant and his wife gave him what for saying that one should never ask a woman that.
    He replied.

    No-one carries fat that high!!!

    With my second child someone asked if I was having twins because I was so huge, and the same lady said I was very agile for someone so big!

    Ya gotta laugh, otherwise you will smack someone.

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  3. Darling, you are beautiful through and through. When I was doing IVF, the drugs made my tummy bloat and I cant count the number of times people said stuff like “wow, it worked!” “When are you due?” I would keep it together until I got home. xxx


  4. When people are insensitive or rude, it is certainly upsetting. Just remember that you are healthy and attractive and able to do everything that you want to do with your body. Don’t allow that woman’s words to even take up space in your mind. You are lovely! πŸ™‚ xx

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  5. And at least you are alive, more alive than the person who made that comment and that makes all the difference. You may a difference in so many people’s lives, each day, and that is perhaps more than that person might have made in a lifetime.

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  6. A few years ago I had an elderly customer who straight out said to me, “Wow, you’ve gained weight, haven’t you?” I just smiled and said, why yes, I had put on some pounds. I have to admit that it stung for a long, long time afterward. My mother-in-law, who is 80, insists that she is now old enough to say whatever she pleases. I hope when I get older I don’t lose my “filter”.

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      1. Edwina,
        I get it all the time. They laugh at me saying I won’t fit in chairs and they ask me if I am pregnant. They tell me the chair is too delicate to hold me, so may be I need to look for a stronger chair. Oh, there are so many more. I feel for you. Been there, still doing that !

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  7. Aw bless you Judy! At least you saw the silver lining!
    I’ve had that happen before too… two colleagues asking me within a couple of days! I think I need to shed a few lbs too! I’m still hula hooping, but I think its the extra eating that ain’t helping!!!!


  8. Yikes! I’m sorry that happened to you. I know this past winter I’ve been packing on the pounds – I way more now than I ever have. I saw a few pictures someone had taken of me when we were in California and I look as if I’m about due to deliver any day.

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  9. Sorry, I had to chuckle at that one.

    All I can come up with is an old saw that may or may not mean anything in England, but here goes: when your up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your intention is to drain the swamp.

    Keep working on the weight loss, it takes a lot longer to lose it than it took to put it on. I’ve been trying to lose the same 50 pounds for 2 years now.

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