Episode 340: What A Plonker!

I had to laugh at a bit of news I just stumbled across. A guy had left his bike chained up to a pole for a while only to find it missing when he returned. Enraged at the dishonesty of people he decided that he would leave a note outlining his displeasure! He thought he would throw in a bit of advice as well to the perpetrator,suggesting they might like to return the bike with a new lock and ‘re-evaluate your life choices.’

Someone had written a note under the original, addressing the bike owner as ‘Bozo’ and pointed out to him that perhaps the city authorities might know the whereabouts of the bike. The reason for this was that the bike was illegally chained to a handicap pole. The author of this note also suggested that perhaps it had been removed as it may impede a vehicle that requires wheelchair access.

Bloody idiot!

22 thoughts on “Episode 340: What A Plonker!

      1. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Jay Leno (American Graham Norton), he used to send his reporters out in the street and ask them topical questions, then play some of the dumbest answers (I hope they were the dumbest, and not the usual). On one episode they asked people to place in order the Civil War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812. This was my favorite:

        Woman: Well, I know the Revolution came before the Civil War.
        Reporter: Okay, so far so good.
        Woman: I’m not sure about the other one, am I allowed to ask a question?
        Reporter: Sure.
        Woman: When was the other one fought?
        Reporter: You mean the War of 1812?
        Woman: Yes.
        Reporter: Where do you work?
        Woman: I’m a teacher.

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