Episode 341: Romantic Old Fools!

Ahhh romance….I remember it well (just about)! As time goes by, it seems to go out of the window a bit; take Valentine’s Day for example, I was not feeling very well this year and it ended up as a bit of a damp squib as you can read here.

Mr Grump does sometimes bring me home some flowers, but he no longer bothers to take off the ‘reduced’ sticker, and I oohh and ahhh over the rather tired looking blooms, happy that at least he thought of me.

We very rarely sit cuddled up on the settee together now watching some sort of romantic movie either. We changed our furniture about 18 months ago and he now has an armchair (yes he is an official Old Git), whilst myself and Miss Hap have the nice big settee to ourselves. Not only that but I nearly always fall asleep watching films (apart from the Disney ones of course)!

Well last night Mr Grump lit the candles as usual but then disappeared off to the shed. I wondered what he was up to, but after a bit of banging and crashing around, he returned triumphant with a load more candles. He faffed about digging out some more candle holders and placed them all over the front room creating a lovely atmosphere.

He informed me that he liked to have things nice for his wife (he had been at the beer). and as Miss Hap had gone upstairs by then thought he would put on a bit of 80s music which I always enjoy. I even got a bit of his ‘twerking’ thrown in as he did here.

After a while of singing along, the mood changed as George Michael’s ‘A Different Corner’ came on. Mr Grump thought it would be nice to have a smoochy dance to it like in the ‘old days.’ Fine, but it isn’t the hold days anymore! I had on my pjs for a start, but I trotted up to him and we had a bit of a dance.

It seems as if we were a bit out of practice though (although shuffling about in a circle is not exactly difficult). I trod on his foot, which meant that he was kind of pinned to the spot, so he told me to,

“get off my slipper!” I did so and he was free to shuffle a bit more. The problem is that going around in a circle after a few beers is a little bit dizzying, and he stumbled landing heavily on my ingrown toenail! Suffice it to say, we decided to sit it out!

15 thoughts on “Episode 341: Romantic Old Fools!

  1. Ah, this is sad. He tried, bless him.
    I dread it sometimes if there’s music in the supermarket, as Hubs has been known to give me a twirl down the frozen veg aisle, a quick smooch amongst the biscuits or a sneaky cuddle by the confectionery.

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