Episode 351: Wakey, Wakey!

Now I am quite an early bird, and get up at 05:15 when I am working,  so it is almost inevitable that my body clock wakes me up early even on a day off. I am at my best in the morning anyway, and can quite happily get on and do things until everyone else gets up and our day begins.

Mr Grump usually gets up earlyish as well, but he had been out last night and had a few beers with some of my family, so was a little ‘tired’ this morning! Miss Hap, being on school holidays is also loathe to get up too early as well at the moment.

My sister had phoned at 8am so I had a nice chat with her for a while, but by the time it got to 9am I decided it was about time Mr Grump got up as I had chores for him to do! Anyway I went in the bedroom and he was sound asleep with Roxy snoring at the bottom of the bed (not even she had bothered to get up)!

I got in bed, he didn’t move. I pinched his arm, he muttered and turned over. Roxy had seen him moving and decided that she was well overdue for her walk. She went to the top of the bed and licked Mr Grump’s bald head! Her tail was swishing against the wooden headboard and making a bit of a clonking noise which was obviously irritating Mr Grump as he told her to get down, which she did!

I was annoyed that he didn’t get up,  so I went in to see Miss Hap who was half awake. I had a little cuddle with her but she was tired and heavy-eyed so I went off downstairs to make a cup of tea (noisily)!

About 10 o’clock Mr Grump finally clomped downstairs and got himself ready to take Roxy out for her walk. I was cooking myself a boiled egg for breakfast but decided that Mr Grump would probably have breakfast when he came back, and I told him I would wait and have breakfast together.

I didn’t! I had been up for ages and my egg and pitta bread were ready so, in the end,  I decided to cook a bit of bacon to put in with it. I was just finishing it off when Mr Grump and Roxy came back from their walk. I picked the last slice of bacon up with the tongs and I don’t know what happened but it ended up straight on the floor to Roxy’s delight!

I was fuming and stomped off to eat what I had left! Of course, it was all Mr Grump’s fault for getting up late, and me having to cook my own breakfast!! It put me out for the rest of the day!

23 thoughts on “Episode 351: Wakey, Wakey!

  1. I’m very impressed your good full use of the day. I like being up before the Other Two as well; though considerably later than you get up! We’re a household of lie-ins

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  2. Ha! Just what I would’ve done… after throwing a cold cup of water over his baldy head while he slept! Miss Hap is different as apparently teenagers need more sleep than us.!


  3. There’s nothing like the day starting off on the wrong foot.
    Yesterday, I awoke at 4:40. I do not know why. I made my husband a special lunch, made myself a lovely brekkie, and waited what seemed like forever to get the girls up. The dog was none too pleased, as I refused to take her out or feed her before dawn. The automated thing called and said the bus would be 25-30 minutes late, but I’m wise to their bs, so I took them out on time. (Right good thing I did, too!) I had three panic attacks before 7am and went back to bed at 9. Dreadful start. Fortunately, the day much improved.
    I hate when a morning starts poorly! You have my sympathy!

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