Free-For-All Friday #12

Welcome to my Free-for-all Friday, where I get to share with you some of the wonderful posts that I have read this week. As you know I like all type of blogs, so there is a mix of all sorts to suit everyone. Please check out these blogs if you have not already done so, as they are all brilliant.

Creatopath Rachel has all sorts on her blog, from crafts to flash fiction. This post was a short story which I thought was very cleverly written.

Fourth Generation Farm Girl Tonya is amazing at writing acrostic poems. I admire her ability to make them look easy when I know they certainly are not.

Skipah’s Realm This post had me rocking with laughter. I know I have a bit of a sick sense of humour and it was not a funny thing to happen to someone, but the way he described it had me doubled over!

Hugh’s Views and News I love this blog as it is so varied; everything from flash fiction stories that really capture the imagination, to posts by Toby the dog (when he get Hugh out of the way).This post is one that makes me feel proud to be British.

My OBT I really enjoy Donna’s blog. She is a very cultured lady who has also a taste for the wacky and wonderful (definitely my kind of person). Check out this post to see what weirdness she has uncovered.

Daily Echo.Sue is a very talented author and poet, She is also a brilliant raconteur and this post had me in hysterics. I love a good laugh (especially at other people’s ineptitude, as I have so many of my own, that I can really empathise) and this did not disappoint.

So there you have this weeks selection which you are sure to enjoy.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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