Episode 354: Love-Hate Challenge

Rob over at the V-Pub has nominated me to take part in this challenge. Please go and check out his blog if you haven’t already; he has lots of things to tickle your fancy, both naughty and nice!

In this challenge, I have to list ten things that I love and then ten things that I hate.   Then, I’ll nominate 10 bloggers to do the same.  Here goes:

Things I love:

  1. I love to laugh.
  2. Seeing the sunshine, that always makes me feel happy.
  3. Hearing my daughter’s laugh (she has a cute little screechy giggle)
  4. Enjoying a BBQ with friends and family
  5. Blogging of course 🙂
  6. Learning new things. Knowledge is a wonderful thing that I can’t get enough of!
  7. Flowers, especially scented roses and sweet peas…..beautiful.
  8. Swimming, especially in the sea
  9. Getting lost in a really good book
  10. Music especially from 60s, 70s and my favourite the 80s!

Things I hate:

  1. Bad manners. There really is no excuse for this.
  2. Trying to lose weight…where on earth is my willpower?
  3. Heights, I really am hopeless with heights and can’t even look at things on tv if it shows a view from on top of a high building or something
  4. Cruelty of any kind whether to animals or humans!
  5. Scammers. Those that prey on the elderly and the vulnerable.
  6. Brussel sprouts and broad beans….YUCK!
  7. Daddy-long-legs, wasps and other creatures!
  8. Scraping ice off the car in the winter!
  9. Being woken up when I have fallen asleep on the settee!
  10. Shouty people.

Here are my 10 nominees for the Challenge should they wish to join in (there is of course, no obligation)

Fourth Generation Farm Girl

My Travels with Depression

Homemade Naturally

The Indecisive Eejit

Diary of a Dublin Housewife

Joeyfully Stated

Heels and a Toolbox

A Prompt Reply


Wild Daffodil

25 thoughts on “Episode 354: Love-Hate Challenge

  1. I love reading lists like these… They tell a lot… And make me think about what we have in common…
    I thought of you today… First day of winter and we had a miserably cold 13degrees Celsius … How was the first day of summer in sunny Kent? ( or do I have the wrong county? )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha Ha! First day of summer today here in Kent (yes you got it right). and we also have 13 degrees celsius with a bit of sun thrown in! You Aussies don’t know what winter is! 🙂 🙂


  2. Great lists 🙂 I too love the scent of flowers, wallflowers are a favourite. Isn’t it sad that so few roses are scented these days? Sort of with you on the music but not the 80’s even though that was my era! At the time I loved Duran Duran and all the synth bands such as Human League and Depeche Mode. Now I want the Rolling Stones and plenty of Motown. With you on most of your Hate list 🙂 Although living in the country has made me braver about creatures, there are just too many critturs to keep up with! Having said that, flies will always die, because I know where they are likely to have been – I’m quite skilled at killing them with the back of my hand.

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      1. For the ones I miss there is the Electronic Racquet of Doom – flies fizzle with a satisfying plume of smoke!

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  3. Thanks for the nomination! So many of your ‘loves’ are mine too – except swimming, not a favourite of mine except on a steaming hot day with absolutely NO wind – how rare is that in the UK?!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah, so many of your loves/hates that I could’ve used. I’m an absolute coward when it comes to heights. I can’t stand the relatively safe Ferris Wheel because I know it will stop at the top. Thanks for joining in and I look forward to the answers from your nominees!


    Liked by 2 people

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