Check It Out! Guest Post by Linda Bethea.

The very lovely and talented Linda from Nutsrock and I have decided to take over each other’s blogs, and write a guest post each. Now if for some reason you have never visited Linda’s blog then you are well and truly missing out. Her gift for storytelling is unique and has me laughing my head off at times, and being very moved at others, She has a horde of crazy family members that make appearances in her posts for your delight and entertainment.

Linda and I both share a nursing background and we have written stories about a ‘normal day at the office’ for your amusement. So without further ado, here is Linda’s tale.

A big part of nursing is taking care of the “whole” patient, so when my patient asked if I had some clothes I could give her, the first thing I did was ask, ”Why?”

            “My house burned and I don’t even have anything to wear home. I lost everything.  ”

            “Oh, that’s awful.  Of course, I’ll bring you some things.  I’ll call the social worker so she can help you out, too.”

            I went through my closet after work and found several pairs of pants, shirts and a couple of dresses, enough to get her started.  I bought a six-pack of granny-panties, some sports bras, socks, and shoes, since I had checked her sizes and took them to her the next day.  She was so relieved to have some clothes for when she went home.

            Meanwhile, the social worker had collected several items of her own called the Red Cross.  That’s when things went weird.  The Red Cross contacted the outpatient dialysis center who knew the patient well, only to find out that this had happened before.  The lady appeared perfectly oriented, but under stress, became confused, recalling a disturbing time in the past when she’d lost everything in a house fire.  By the time it was all said and done, between me and the social worker, she made quite a haul!


35 thoughts on “Check It Out! Guest Post by Linda Bethea.

  1. Not sure twho to address this then I guess I will say Linda.

    The trick to cleaning out that closet is to make sure to keep the space. Plus saving the money that would have been spent on that stuff could help on achieving that dream we all have been putting off.

    Have fun with the switcheroos.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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