Episode 360: If You Can’t Stand The Heat….

I mentioned before that us Brits like to moan about the weather and are never satisfied! Summer started off as a bit of a damp squib, but today was a balmy 25 degrees Celsius, (around 77 Fahrenheit) and we had a couple of thunderstorms chucked in to mix it up a bit. so it all amounted to a very humid and muggy day with bursts of beautiful hot sunshine

A couple of weeks ago my boss sent my to the laundry as one of the pens had leaked in my dress pocket leaving an unsightly small black blob over my left boob, and she wanted me to go and get it changed. I didn’t dare tell her that the stain on that dress was pretty old and the mess I had made on my dress the day before was much worse. Instead of leaving the ink stain alone (it was one of the gel pens) I decided to rub at it with an antibacterial wipe, thereby spreading this huge black mass over my entire boob!

I went to the laundry and sweet-talked the assistant into letting me have the one dress that was there (not many people wear the same uniform as me) and she put in an order for 3 more which would take a few days to arrive.

That was fine. I dropped off the other dresses the next day and was off last week anyway. I went back to collect my new dresses on Tuesday but was met by a very sour assistant who was not happy that I had managed to swap all my dresses, and moaned that her colleague ‘had only been there 5 mins and didn’t know what she was doing!’ Anyway, she gleefully told me that mine hadn’t arrived and they didn’t have any in my size (which she decided to say out loud).

Great, that left me with one dress. I went back again after a while. still not in. I wore the dress in yesterday and although I did manage to get it washed, was too lazy to iron it this morning so wore my tunic and trousers. It was unbearably hot up on that ward today. Most of us had sweat literally dropping off us (what a shame that fat doesn’t melt off in the heat). I wished I had ironed that dress!

The nice assistant from the laundry phoned me up to let me know that my dresses will not be ready until 17th JULY, for Christ’s sake! When I got home I had a lovely heat rash around my ankle just above my socks. Nice! Looks like that one dress is going to get a lot of wear over the next month and I am going to have to stop being too lazyย to iron itย I might even have to hope that the weather is grotty again!

33 thoughts on “Episode 360: If You Can’t Stand The Heat….

  1. They won’t be in until the 17th July? That’s a heck of a big dress they’re making. Do you really have ink all over your boobies or did you mean the dress?

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  2. My mother would say that in Britain, because we are an island, we have weather and everyone else has a climate. So you now what you’re going to get while we have no clue. Hope it cools off on working days…

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  3. Oh geez. I have often romanticized about wearing a uniform, kind of longing for the professional image it might give me. However, I take it all back after reading this. Geez. The pain of trying to get some new dresses and the total frustration of not getting to dress for the temperature and your comfort. I will send you comfort from my t-shirt, baggy pants, and flip flops!

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    1. Now you have made me jealous! Even the dresses we have are very thick cotton plus of course we have to wear black tights (they might let us go without when it gets really hot) but it is still better than wearing my trousers!


  4. It’s started getting warm here too. No uniforms for me but I gained enough weight over the winter to have a definite clothing shortage!

    I’m so sorry you’ve got to wait so long for your new uniforms! I detest ironing so much that the dogs are petrified of the rarely seen ironing board.


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