Episode 367: #BeWoW Post. I am OK With Me!

For our BeWoW post this week, Ronovan has suggested that we could write about being ok with ourselves.

This last year in particular, I have not been ok with myself at all. I have been knocked sideways with depression a couple of times, which meant time off work,frustration and anger at myself for not being able to cope, and lots of time spent wrapping myself up in a cocoon, shying away from being with others.

However, I have managed to break free of it (with the help of my doctor) in the last month and am feeling so much better. I am very lucky that I have such a great bunch of colleagues and an understanding boss, so going back to work was not as difficult as it could have been.

Work has been going really well, and there are a couple of exciting things on the horizon for me hopefully. This is particularly good news, as at one time, I was in a position where I didn’t know if I was ever going to get back to work, whether or not I even wanted to, or if I might lose my job anyway due to the time off. I realise how much I do love my job and that I am even quite good at it!

The fact that I have the daughter I always wanted, and a loving husband that knows me so well, and is so supportive makes life so much easier, as does having such a large family who I can rely on when I need to. This all contributes to making me feel more ok with myself as I know that I am loved, despite feeling to the contrary when I am in that awful slump.

I realise that there are still parts of me that I am not ok with, but that is the physical me, the outside which I am working on. The inner me is not that bad after all and I am finally OK with that!

43 thoughts on “Episode 367: #BeWoW Post. I am OK With Me!

  1. So glad you are feeling better about yourself. Sometimes we all need to retreat within ourselves to recharge. Life can certainly be overwhelming in this fast paced lane. πŸ™‚

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  2. Depression is one of things that is very difficult to understand unless you have gone through it yourself. Apparently creative individuals are far more prone to anxiety and depression than most people. We think too deeply perhaps? So I really feel for you, and hope that this blogging community will give you support and friendship when and if you need it.

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  3. Well, you’re just fine with me and a whole lot of other people on here, so if you ever get to feeling down again, you just remember that. I’m greatly encouraged by your progress stated here and I’m sure you’ll find that now that you’re back up you’ll just go from strength to strength!

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  4. Overcoming depression is not easy and although it helps to have a support network of family, friends, co-workers etc I believe that you have to acknowledge the situation and want to be helped first. Taking those first steps is hard. You have clearly come a long way and it’s good to hear success stories. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚


  5. Coming to terms with who you are is often difficult. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve managed to accept that you’re OK. The inner you, the important you.
    It’s good that you’re able to return to work with this knowledge inside you and feel positive about things. The boss, the colleagues and the family all help with their support of you.
    I hope you go from strength to strength now and don’t suffer the low blow of depression again.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  6. That is a wonderful encouragement for everybody that nothing – as bad as it may look like – is meant to stay forever and that we are able to make that change. I guess figuring that out is the greatest strengh we can gain. I am glad you have made it, Judy! You are a lovely and humorous person. I am glad to have you here. Otherwise I would have missed you forever πŸ˜‰

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