Episode 370: The Purpose of My Life!

A Momma’s View has set a challenge and prompt that she had nominated me, and a few others for. In it, she asks for us to say what we think our purpose in life is and what we’ll take home when we leave.

It’s funny but this is something I rarely think about when I am feeling all happy and bright! It is more something I ponder when I am feeling down and grotty, However, this is going to be a positive post so any negative vibes can bugger off and leave me to my happy thoughts!

I always thought when I was younger that my purpose in life was going to be something to do with children. When I was growing up I always wanted to be a Nanny looking after other people’s children before settling down and having my own family with quite a few children of my own. After all, I was one of six myself.

Becoming an aunty when I was 15 years old only reinforced this wish, to nurture and look after children, and I used to get up in the night with my niece to give her bottles, and babysit as often as I could.

Well, for a number of reasons, it was not meant to be that I had lots of children (Although I do have some waiting for me in heaven), or even fulfil my wish to work with children as I went off and joined the Army instead!

Fast forward a couple of decades, a couple of ex-husbands and a  fair few jobs, ranging from working for the Department of Work and Pensions to working in a kebab shop. plus a few more in-between! Then I got a job in nursing!

I loved it. My daughter was very young then (about 2) and I was on my own, but I managed to get this job as a Healthcare Assistant at the Day Hospital, working mainly with the elderly who came in for a number of therapies and meetings, as well as to attend clinics. This seemed like the job I had been looking to do all this time.

However. my hours got changed after 18 months, and as my daughter was just starting school at 4 years old, and no longer attended nursery I had to look for something else! Funnily enough, it turned out to be in the local secondary school on  the ‘Student Desk.’ What an eye-opener. I have never been sworn at so much in my life! Suffice it to say it wasn’t what I had expected it to be (huge respect to you teachers)!

Anyway, I got back together with Mr Grump at this time after 25 years apart and we got married. I managed to get back into nursing and go to University for 2 years to train for a higher position as I wanted to learn more. Again, by choice, I work with the elderly.

I feel perhaps my purpose in life was not to work with children (although I am truly blessed to have my daughter), but rather to try to help look after elderly people. To offer them a friendly face and cheery disposition, and have a few laughs with them as well.

As for what I will take home with me. I think it will be the knowledge that I have tried really hard. I have tried to instill in my daughter old-fashioned manners and consideration, and despite the challenges we have both faced, I do know that she can be compassionate and kind to others when needed. I have tried to be a good friend, a good mum (not always easy), a good wife (3rd time lucky! The other 2 husbands were not exactly the best either) and a good worker (I know at least I got that bit right)!

I would like to nominate the following, should they wish to participate:


Sue Vincent






46 thoughts on “Episode 370: The Purpose of My Life!

  1. I know just what a good job you are doing in looking after the elderly, Judy. My mum is in a care home and the staff there are amazing. I really don’t know what I’d do without them looking after her. She is happy and being looked after thanks to all the staff at the home.

    Thanks for the nomination. I won’t get around to writing a post this week due to the house move and then being without broadband for a week, so Ill have to come back to it.

    See you when I get back.

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  2. It takes a special kind of person to care for the elderly … It’s easy to love babies.
    Thank you for this heartfelt post. It sings with honesty and compassion.

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  3. Awe I just loved reading this, Edwina, and it’s so nice to get to know a little more about you. I worry about getting old and maybe being in a nasty nursing home, but I know I would be safe in your hands and it sounds to me like you have found your “calling” and I am so sorry to learn that you weren’t blessed with more children but I know Miss Harp makes up million times and more. Lovely post

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  4. Moving, honest, real and touching. So happy that you and Mr. Grump found each other again and that you have your daughter and your job …. and your marvellous blogging and writing. I’m not sure if I would think in terms of my ‘purpose’, but life has dealt me a few hands that mean that I too have been a care giver, have been divorced, had children and have always done my best. I have toe-curling memories of monumental cock-ups and wonderful memories of magical moments – on the whole a good innings – I hope that when I leave it will be in a flurry of joyful celebration of my greatest legacy – my kids and their kids.
    Thank you for sharing your journey. ❤

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    1. I know I have made loads of cock-ups but like yourself, just kept on going, trying to get it right! You also will be leaving not only your kids and grandkids but also the wonderful things you have made for them that can be passed down, Things like that, that are made with such love are priceless. 🙂

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      1. Thank you Edwina, I do see the cushions and blankets I make for them as ‘hugs’ from Mum/Granny for when i’m not there in person, and it is a nice thought that that might continue after I’ve popped off into the ether!

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  5. That’s a wonderful heartfelt post, Judy! While I was reading it I thought that although working wiht children might not have meant to be for you, but the wish to do so brought you to all the places you needed in order to learn, get experience and inspiration for every new step. You have always been on purpose. That’s why although you were challenged there was always something that came your way to solve the problems. Isn’t that amazing looking back?

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  6. I just loved this post! It was so honest, raw and real. It made me think about what my own purpose would be… seemingly a tad different from your own as I tend to the younger sector (children- I am a teacher) and am almost fearful of the elderly (my own fear that I will too be elderly one day 🙂 I have also gone through a divorce and I love how you talk about your’s without shame, guilt or a feeling of failure. It was what it was.. and now you are happy with your Mr. Grump. A refreshing read! Thank you so much. Cheryl

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    1. Thanks Cheryl for your kind words. I have to say sometimes I worry too about what is going to happen to me when I get old, but I hope that someone will be there for me if needed! As for you being a teacher, as I said in the post i have the utmost respect for you all and your profession, It is not easy, but how rewarding it must be to pass knowledge onto others, Divorce is horrid but we get over it! 🙂

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