Friday Free-For-All #14.

It’s Friday, we are going to have a beautiful day again today, and I have got a BBQ to look forward to after work tonight, so in my world, all is good! I have rounded up some more brilliant blog posts a well for your enjoyment. Please go and visit them as of course, they are all well worth it (as are all the blogs I follow actually)!   I have included all sorts of posts for your enjoyment as usual.

TanGental. I have recently started following this blog, and have already read some wonderful posts. This one in particular, made me think about things in a different way and was very insightful.

Ronovan’s Writes. There is so much to say about this blog! not only does he help and support other bloggers, and authors, he organises a weekly haiku challenge (which I am now hooked on), and a positive ‘Be Wonderful On Wednesday’ post. However, he is very wise as well, and I thought this post gave some great advice.

A Momma’s View. Momma’s blog has all sorts on it, from homeschooling, to helping others and everything else in-between! This post is a cold, hard look at something that many of us take for granted, and a good reminder of why we shouldn’t!

Madmeanderingme This is another blog that I have only recently started following, Ruth had a really lovely, colourful blog. I thought this post was great as it was a light-hearted way of remembering things!

How The Cookie Crumbles I really love the way Tess tells a story, She always has you gripped throughout and then leaves you dangling, wanting more.

Listful Thinking This blog is always funny, and this post is no exception, although I don’t think it was supposed to be!

Have a happy Friday!

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