Episode 377: Wacky Word Wednesday #6

I love it when Wednesdays come around and I can have some fun with a wacky, weird or wonderful word. Today I have chosen a word that I love the sound of, as it has rather an onomatopoeic quality to it. Sadly though, it is not used nearly enough so let’s dig it up and give it a whirl!

Piffle.Β This is a word for people that talk a load of bull! Those that prattle about poppycock, jabber utter gibberish, babble lots of balderdash, and drone endlessly about drivel!

It is hogwash and hot air. futile and foolish, just the kind of random rubbish, a slimy salesman might use to try and flog you a pig in a poke!

Actually, this word could be legitimately used to describe this pathetic post!

33 thoughts on “Episode 377: Wacky Word Wednesday #6

  1. Piffle- what an awesome word! I can honestly say I don’t hear it hear in the Midwest- maybe I should start using it! I bet it would stop some people in their tracks! πŸ™‚

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  2. and it is so close to pizzle which is my current fav word. Dictionary definition is: (n) the penis of an animal, especially a bull, formerly used for flogging people; but the urban dic meaning is: (v) the state you find yourself in when someone prefers to answer their mobile device rather than continue their conversation with you, a mix of being pissed off and puzzled.

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