Episode 387:First Post Challenge

The lovely and talented author Erika has challenged me to participate in this new challenge. I am really pleased to take part in this as it takes me right back to my first post and it is interesting to see whether or not my blog has evolved.

The first thing I noticed, was that I had written about not feeling all that well. How embarrassing as I seem to write a few of those, wallowing in self-pity! I didn’t really know what I expected to get out of blogging, or where I would even go with it. In fact I didn’t even know if anyone would even read it!

I just wanted an escape from the awful depression that i was going through at the time, and my sister suggested that as I was quite a good raconteur, I might like to write things down as more of an escape really. So, here I am 9 months and many friends later!

Here are the rules:

  • Copy-paste, link, pingback or whatever way you want to, your first post.
  • State what type of post that was. E.G. Introduction, Story, Poem
  • Explain why that was your first post.
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers. Five because I know the pain of opening a lot of tabs at once.

Here is my first ever ‘episode.’

Here are my Nominees:

Homemade Naturally

Fourth Generation Farmgirl

But I Smile Anyway

Breathing Life

Behind The White Coat

40 thoughts on “Episode 387:First Post Challenge

  1. Funnily enough, I was pondering my own blog beginnings this morning as I ambled to work – even thinking of doing a post about it! The original purpose of mine was to figure out how to be more well. Seems I’m getting there!

    You do a good line in the self-deprecating humour, and how everyone around you has their own way with the world 🙂

    Oh, I’m just about to publish my homework!

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      1. I’ve just ‘come out’ to my friends and family in a desperate bid for votes in a blogging awards I managed to get myself into. So scary but better than having just my mum and dad voting for me! 😂

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  2. what a great idea – I am in!
    I never read this post before – I am now going to go back and read all your early posts before I found you. I remember having to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours – it was odd – but not as uncomfortable as the inflating cuff must have been.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane – yours and mine!

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  3. I missed your first post but I would have been an immediate follower, the title of the post alone would have converted me 🙂 “All stressed out and no one to choke” those are the days I dive into the chocolate .


  4. That is really interesting to read, Judy! But I already recognize the ironic Judy! What I noticed is, that your first post is very long compared to the first posts of others. You really had much to say from the first moment on…. no shyness!

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