Episode 389: Wacky Word Wednesday #7

It’s Wednesday, which means it is that time for an abundance of adjectives (bit of a sore subject, as I failed the challenge), as I delve around and dig up another wonderful, weird or wacky word. I had two to choose from this week that I liked the sound of, and as they are both similar in meaning and I will get to use them both anyway, I will choose the one that has the best sound to it…….

Pillage. This is a wonderful old word that smacks of Vikings, plundering(my other word) and purloining anything they could get their sticky mitts on. Invading and raiding everything in their path, ransacking and ravaging, littering and looting.

It is destroying and desolating whatever is in their way, stripping it bare and scarpering with the spoils! Rifling and robbing is the name of the game!

23 thoughts on “Episode 389: Wacky Word Wednesday #7

  1. For some reason the word ‘pillock’ popped into my head when I saw ‘pillage’ and I thought….
    only a pillock would pillage the village
    the rifling, robbing, ruffian

    – I look forward to your whacky words!

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      1. I just looked up the word ‘pillock’ – “Pillock. Noun for Idiot, fool. Originally a slang term for the penis but fairly inoffensive now its this meaning has been forgotten. Derog. ref British Slang Dictionary.”
        Ha!Ha!Ha! Thought you might like to hear about the word’s origin! Ha!!

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