Episode 392: 7 Not So Good Things About The Summer!

  1. Flies and wasps! These little sods get everywhere and anywhere buzzing about, dropping into drinks and dive bombing food, if you are not careful.
  2. Curdled milk. What is it with people (especially at work of all places), leaving milk out of the fridge so that it goes like cheese after a little while!
  3. Neighbours who think they are bloody Bruno Mars! Honestly with the windows and doors open and the close proximity of all the houses where I live, every sound can be heard, so when Mr Mars next door starts wailing at the top of his out of tune voice, it is not a pleasant experience. I would love it if heΒ couldΒ sing as it is far better than his shouting his head off that we normally get!
  4. White clothes. Now I love all my white outfits despite the fact that white is not always the best colour for the more voluptuous woman to wear. However, being as clumsy as I am, they are normally filthy within a couple of hours where I have at on something or knocked something onto myself!
  5. Sleepless nights. Yes I get enough of those as it is, without the stifling hot air that hangs heavy in my bedroom, despite all windows being open. Having the fan on does not always help as it makes such a bloody racket which is very distracting!
  6. Bad hair days. My hair has a mind of its own and does not want to conform to any sort of style, but in the summer I have one look only, the sweaty, plastered to the head kind of arrangement!
  7. Sand everywhere. I have always been a bit fussy about this, even as a child! I hated being covered in clumps of sand after getting out of the sea, where it had stuck to me. I never wanted to eat the picnics Mum got out of the cool box as inevitably sand would have got into the sandwiches!Β That CRUNCH as I bit into it made me feel

What annoys you about the summer?

68 thoughts on “Episode 392: 7 Not So Good Things About The Summer!

  1. What a great list Judy.

    I wrote a similar post last summer and reading this has prompted me to republish it. I don’t know about you but I am not looking forward to the hot humid nights that are on the way to the UK this week. Happy sleeping!

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      1. God, I know about silly old Mr Blobby, the big pink thing with yellow dots from Noel’s House Party, Of course I am FAR too young to remember it, must have heard about it from my mum or something!!!! πŸ™‚

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  2. You clearly live in a midge free zone – much peskier than flies. They love to munch on me. I’m not good with white clothes either, quite likely to have coffee dribbles down it within a few minutes. And because I’m so peelie wally I have to slather myself in lots of sunblock, which always feels greasy and marks clothes.

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  3. I get it…should have read this one first, maybe. Still don’t think “negative”, I think “realistic”. I have issues with sunburn, have to protect my skin. Former issues !! Yikes. SPF 30 or more for me. ☺

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      1. The only reason I said calorie free is that I’D like to eat a box of calorie free freezies so I don’t have to feel guilty…didn’t think that it might be construed as a reference to your weight (more like a reference to mine). If you found that rude…NOT my intention at all, obviously…my mind is working at turtle pace the past couple of days…

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  4. You need one of those fancy fans without blades or a pair of ear plugs. I hate the London hot humid air during July and August, not so bad at the moment. When it gets stifling hot, you will hear me moan

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  5. I think number three is my favorite. I don’t have any singers, thank heaven, but I do live across the canal from the neighborhood DJ. The sixty-year-old fisherman who lives right across from us does everything at top volume and blasts his classic rock music from March through November. When we have a party, I actually drop a note in his mailbox asking if we could please be in charge of music for the day. He’s a sweetie, but LOUD, LOUD, LOUD.

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  6. Lousy TV programs are a summertime stickler for me. Uninvited guests swimming in my pool when I return from work is another favorite of mine. Of course, flying mosquitoes near my ear as I try to sleep is another. But, after 8 feet of snow this winter, I gladly accept these summer issues! lol

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