Episode 393: 7 Wonderful Things About The Summer!

  1. Looking at all the beautiful gifts nature has bestowed on us. The flowers, now in full bloom, not only do they look gorgeous, some of them have a wonderful scent too
  2. Good old BBQs, I do love them. It is particularly lovely when there are a load of you getting together enjoying the flavoursome food, and each other’s company.
  3. The sea. I love swimming in the sea in summer time. A beautiful hot day, lazing on the beach and then cooling off with a refreshing swim.
  4. Not having to remember a coat! It is great just being able to go out in Β short sleeves without having to worry about getting cold.
  5. Listening to some great summer tunes! I love music at the best of times but I always feel happy listening to the sounds of summer!
  6. The light mornings and evenings. I have never been that keen on the dark so having so much daylight really lifts my spirits, especially when I get up nice and early and the sun is already shining brightly.
  7. People come out of hibernation. There always seems to be more to do in the summer, People feel much more sociable, and get-togethers happen frequently.

See I am not negative all the time!

31 thoughts on “Episode 393: 7 Wonderful Things About The Summer!

  1. I love the summer, as long as I have access to air conditioning. I walk outside for exercise, and the heat/humidity really gets to me. It never used to bother me. Hormones have ruined it for me. Spring/Fall are my very favorite. Nice post. I don’t find you negative at all, Judy. ☺

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  2. I no likey summer.
    The growing things are undeniably awesome. The lightning bugs, the longer days, going barefoot — I like all those things, but ugh, summer is my least favorite time of year.
    PS: We Midwesterners will stand in snow to bbq, we do not care, lol!

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      1. Yes, two summers ago, one of my English friends went on and on about how he never even used his bbq all summer. As an American, this is hard to understand!

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