Free-For-All Friday #17

Welcome to Friday! It’s a lovely day, the weekend is coming and I have some wonderful blogs to share with you. I have a mixed bag of treats for you this week. Everything from the silly to the sublime.

Kyrosmagica This was a wonderful take on one of the challenges that is going around at the moment. A funny and creative effort that I really enjoyed.

Heels And A Toolbox I have been following Vanessa’s blog right from when I first started. She gets up to all sorts of things, and always has a project on the go! This post however, is a little different to what you would expect, but an honest and heartfelt tribute.

Little Steps To Somewhere I have not been following this blog for very long, but I really enjoyed this post. It is light-hearted and funny and celebrates a little triumph that many of us can relate to!

I Refuse To Follow Your Blog Now this post looks at something from a totally different perspective, and rightly honours those that really deserve it.

The Write Place I love a bit of Flash Fiction, even though I can’t do it myself, I am still impressed at some of the creative stories that people come up with by just a photo prompt or a song title etc. This one is a brilliant example of how a great story can be told with so few words.

So there you have it. Please check these blogs out if you haven’t already as they are all wonderful and have lots to offer.

Have a happy Friday!

16 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday #17

  1. Reblogged this on kyrosmagica and commented:
    Thank you so much to Edwina at Edwinaepisodes for mentioning me in her Friday post link: In Free For All Friday, Edwina picks various blogs a mixed bag of treats. A bit like a pick and mix! Take a look. Reblogging as a special thankyou! Happy Weekend everyone. x

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