Episode 403: Proud Mummy!

Ah, the school report. I remember being given an envelope addressed to my mum near the end of term which I knew contained the dreaded school report. Back in ‘those days’ things were pretty simple. You were given A B C D E  as a grade for your school work. This might be followed by a + or a  –  but all in all, very easy to understand! If you got an A you were doing well, and an E meant you were in the shit, both at home and at school!

I never got many As unfortunately, except in English (because I liked it). I got by mostly on Bs and Cs which of course meant that I always got comments on my report such as ‘could do better’ and that kind of thing. Mum was a little disappointed (Dad more so when and if I ever told him) but I just did not like that school.

Anyway, Miss Hap goes to the same school but luckily for her, she is not blighted by my lacklustre results as all of the teachers have left since I was there. I received her report by e-mail! I got a notification that it was up on the school website and that I could log in to see it.

I managed to do it this time thankfully as it saved me the humiliation of e-mailing the school back and forth when I could not even log on last term,and had problems being able to read it in the right programme!

Gone are the days of the good old grading system and now we are graded with a number and a letter. For example 6A, 5C, that sort of thing. plus another number from 1-4 for ‘attitude to learning!’ It is all a bit confusing for me; especially as I still refer to her as a 1st year  rather than being in year 7 (why the hell they had to change all that. I really don’t know, especially as we still have a sixth form, which I am assuming would be a year 15 or some such nonsense)!

Anyway, Miss Hap has had a pretty bumpy first year, with more than a few setbacks, some more serious than others, but all of them upsetting. This meant that we have also been to the school for meetings on a few occasions, and have got to know a couple of staff members quite well. (I have to say they have been brilliant).

I was delighted to see that Miss Hap had done particularly well in Art. Now she says she cannot draw and has got herself in a state about it, She also at first, did not score that high in the subject due to lack of confidence. You can imagine how proud I am when she had a glowing report with her teacher saying how far she has come and how much she is applying herself to it. I was so pleased with her last Art homework, she spent so much time on it (the picture is the end result) and it paid off!

She also came top in German with 82% as she absolutely loves it! Considering the fact that she has a lot of self-confidence issues, and has struggled socially at school, I am extremely proud of her. It is not so much being top, it is overcoming the fact that she felt she couldn’t do something, but stuck at it and proved that she could!

41 thoughts on “Episode 403: Proud Mummy!

  1. OMG report cards, eek. That sounds a confusing marking system and what is all this about year 7. Does that mean she is in 2nd year? Well done to Miss happ for doing so well. her art work is good, I wonder why she doesn’t think she can draw.

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  2. Oh, those dreaded report cards! I was looking over my grandson’s report card. It was pretty comprehensive considering he is 5! It’s always great news when you can see improvement and progress! Hopefully your daughter’s successes will give her more confidence! 🙂

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  3. It’s so wonderful when a child succeeds through hard work and determination! Success and improvement give such a great confidence to us all! I’m happy for the lot of you and wish Miss Hap much more! 😀

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  4. You must be very proud of your daughter with a school report like that. I’m sure you are proud of her all the time but doing well at school is the iceing on the cake these days. I was hopeless at German. So hopeless that I got chucked out of the class several times for not taking it seriously. I admire anybody who can speak more than their native language.

    Miss Hap looks like she is already an excellent artist. Great work. I hope it will be framed and put up on the wall? As for my art – well my last school report for art read –

    “Hugh draws likes a three year old child”

    I’ll never forget those words.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. Yes I am proud of her for other things as well as doing well at school. The reason I am particularly proud of her art is the fact that I am so bad at it myself. In fact in the end I got myself in such a state over it my mum went up to talk to the art teacher. I thought my daughter was going to be the same but she stick with it and has done really well. As for German, that is great, I didn’t take it, as I did Spanish instead. but only for a year!! 🙂

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  5. Children will show us their interests at a very young age, if we just pay attention. Not every child falls into traditional patterns. It’s important to encourage them in the areas that provide them joy, and some level of achievement. ☺

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  6. I love the final art work, and that you recognize her growing faith in herself. Social issues and self doubt have got to be some of the worst experiences to endure; I relate for sure! And art classes (and English) were always places of refuge and inspiration for me. (Also, I’m catching up on your blog, and it’s hot here too. I’m sorry you had to have your professional photo taken in a sauna!!)

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  7. I agree … the reports are a tad confusing here sometimes too…but the best ones, in my opinion, no matter what the score/ grade/ animal stamp, are always the ones that say someone is doing their best… Sounds like a great start to the holidays…

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  8. Well done to the young lady. Well done Ma for helping her get there.
    Like you I was puzzled that we’d change our long standing system over the school years until I realised that the Government sold us off to raise a few bob towards their pensions. We’re now the 51st State of America and we’re going to have to change our ways in everything from now on. If it ain’t broke, don’t Fix it !
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. Thanks so much David. Bloody typical of the government! Yes, I have noticed how we are becoming more and more Americanised. I am always telling off my daughter for using words such as ‘cotton candy, trash, and zee’ instead of zed! Grrrrrrrrr!


  9. My congrats to Miss Hap! 82 % in German: Awesome!!! My daughter too always had to work hard for every little success. But she did it and she can be proud of herself. My older son just finished 5th grade of Gymnasium (the highest school level here) and he does almost nothing. But he has results which are amazing. When he listens during the lessons he mostly doesn’t need to learn at home. My daughter is jealous!!!

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