Episode 404: New Experiences.

I haven’t told any of you this yet (well apart from Hugh in an e-mail), but for the last couple of months I have been writing some articles for a relatively new online magazine called Writing Times.

Ever since I started this blog back in November, I have become more and more obsessed with writing. and I especially love doing those wacky news articles such as this oneΒ (which I actually did for the magazine) and this as well. I have written them under my real name Judy Martin as I wanted to do something as ‘me’ so to speak!

Anyway, this magazine has all sorts from an agony aunt, to reviews, recipes, Flash Fiction competitions and loads of other great stuff. I wanted to gain some experience in writing, so contacted them to see if I could do anything for them, and am now part of a great team.

They are always looking for new writers in all sorts of topics, so if you too are looking to get some experience (I am really enjoying myself digging around for new stuff to write about) then perhaps you would like to contact them here.

45 thoughts on “Episode 404: New Experiences.

      1. I may have gone a tad overboard with the sex scenes πŸ™‚ My poor mum nearly had a heart attack. She had no idea I knew words like that. Glad you’re enjoying it πŸ™‚

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      2. Ooh yes I bet your mum was a bit shocked! Mind you I am sure she enjoyed the story
        I love the banter between Daniel’s family. So funny and endearing. I did also like the sex scenes as well of coursre! πŸ˜€

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