Episode 410: A Colourful Life.

As I am sure many of you know, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their daughter Princess Charlotte christened over the weekend. Today has seen the release of the official photographs, which I just happened upon as I was reading the online newspaper.

What made me laugh is the newspaper had some ‘etiquette expert’ analyse it, and he came to the conclusion that the Middletons (Catherine’s family),are very ‘middle class!’ This is due to them mostly choosing beige as the colour of their outfits, which is neutral and therefore not offensive to anybody! Likewise the walls of the room the photo was taken were also beige. As this was the Queen’s private residence in Norfolk, I bet she would also rank as middle-classed.

God knows how a colour can define your social standing, but I can only imagine how low in the pecking order I would be as I love colour! Especially as it is the summer time. Yellow is my favourite colour, but I love orange and red, gold and silver, lime green, mint green, anything that is bright and cheerful.

Think of all the beautiful flowers and their vibrant colours, I don’t know about you but looking at them really lifts my mood. I understand that loud, garish colours are not always appropriate, but neither is bland old beige!

35 thoughts on “Episode 410: A Colourful Life.

  1. We buy and sell homes frequently over the years, and were always advised to keep earth tones/neutral colors for resale value. It seems to have worked, the logic being that earth tones are soothing to the eye, and you don’t get tired of them as quickly. In rooms where I added color, I was quick to change it up. Maybe that makes sense, but I have this secret desire to move one last time in retirement and use all the colors of the rainbow !! 💕

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  2. I wear no beige. I look terrible and washed-out in beige. Usually I look a bit like spring, lol! I wonder what they’d say about me.
    “Pleb Lady went outside and christened her window boxes. Looks like she’s spent all her money on plants, the poor dear.”

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  3. If beige as an attempt to not offend anyone is middle-class then choosing colour and not giving a flying penguin who it offends is upper-class, right? That makes you posh, Judy 🙂

    I once read that wearing black (which I’m addicted to) is working-class in origin. Black hid dirt better and so didn’t have to be laundered as frequently. In the pre-washing-machine days, only the wealthy wore head to toe white.

    Still wearing whatever I like though. Nice to be a nobody and not have the paparazzi taking pot shots at what I wear. 🙂

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    1. Ha Ha! I am with you on that Aimer, i am happy to be a nobody. I wear quite a bit of black as it is supposed to be ‘slimming’ but I also like wearing white and sod how fat I look in the summer! 🙂


  4. Hmmm… I don’t think I own one single solitary piece of beige clothing – says a lot about my status in life, doesn’t it? 🙂 x


  5. That would be boring! My sister in-law has house completely in black, white, beige, brown. The colors go throughout the house. Boooooring. Perhaps they feel like royal middle class.. lol

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